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What is Gambling Addiction?

Today we will touch on a very unpleasant topic of gambling addiction. Most players believe that this will never happen to them and that they will always be able to control themselves and say enough to themselves at any time. Well, we will only be happy about it. But the truth is that a small percentage of all players do suffer from this disease.

Gambling has long been a part of our life and has settled quite deeply. And there is nothing wrong with that! This is just one modern way to experience the thrill. But you always need to know when to say enough to yourself.

You should always remember that gambling is just a way to have fun after a hard day, to relax, or to experience new sensations. This should not develop into a way of earning and you should not go into all this with your head giving away your last money.

CasinoBrend always cares about its players and only recommends sites that are not trying to siphon the last money out of you. And some, on the contrary, even try to help the player understand when he should take a break.

Many people today blame casinos themselves for their addiction to gambling. But casinos only allow you to play. You decide whether you need it or not and how far you are willing to go. So, it’s worth looking for a problem in a person’s character.

Many modern online casino sites even have tips that help players understand that they have been playing for a long time and that it is time to stop and take a break. These sites also have an excellent function for setting your deposit limit. It gives you the ability to choose how much money you can spend in a given time. As soon as you start trying to recoup or do something else rash, the limit will work and prevent you from playing further. You can set such limits both for one day and for a month.

You should also remember to check your transactions on the site where you play. Almost all sites have a payment history. There will be both incoming and outgoing payments. Look there and check how much money you deposited and how much you have withdrawn.

As you can see, the casinos themselves give you a large number of opportunities so that you do not become an addict. You just need to use them. Remember to take breaks and be in control of your finances.

There are special questions that you can ask yourself to understand if you have such a problem. Remember to answer them honestly, as you should always be honest with yourself. You have to ask yourself: Am I trying to escape my problems by gambling? Do you try to raise your rate if you see that you have lost a lot of money? Do you get irritable when you lose money? Does your mood change while playing? Are you trying to hide your defeat from your loved ones and acquaintances? Have you tried to win back your losses over time? Did you borrow to cover your losses or to play again?

Be careful with your answers and think carefully about each one. A lot in your life can depend on each of these questions. Even these questions may prompt you to change your approach to gambling, and you may not need outside help. But remember that this is only possible in the early stages of gambling addiction.

How to Change Your Attitude Towards Gambling?

As we said, you must be honest with yourself. You need to accept that you have a problem. After that, it is necessary to determine the degree of its severity.

Answer the questions above and take completely confidential gambling addiction tests. You can find a large number of such tests on the Internet.

If these steps did not help you and you still have problems with gambling addiction, be sure to contact a specialist. Since this problem is quite common in our time, there are a large number of specialists and they know how to deal with it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there is nothing to be ashamed about. It is much more embarrassing to spend all your family’s money on gambling.

What Steps Can You Take Yourself to Solve the Problem?

First of all, start spending a lot less time on gambling sites. You can set yourself a timer or use the built-in functions of such sites.

Reduce your gambling expenses. You can use your credit card limit or, again, the functions offered to you by the casino.

Pause your games. It should not be one or 2 days, but a much larger amount of time. Some psychologists say that it takes you 21 days to beat your habit. If a week is not enough for you, continue to increase the period without gambling.

If the break did not help you and you returned to the game with renewed vigor and excitement and spend everything that you earned during the break, it is better to stop completely. Take a much longer pause. It can be half a year or a year, it all depends on the specific case.

If you cannot make such a pause on your own, ask someone from your loved ones to help you with this. Experience has shown that it is close to people who can help you cope with your problem if not everything has been started yet.

And if even this did not help you, immediately contact a specialist. Remember that gambling addiction is also a disease that needs to be treated. You are not the only one and experts will help you. Never turn your way of relaxation into something more. You shouldn’t depend on the game; the games should depend on you!