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Online gambling becomes more and more popular. There are a lot of new brands. Those, who want to start gambling, get lost in this diversity. Partially, this is the reason for the casino streamers’ increasing popularity. People like to watch them because they explain a lot of things. Besides, they can learn new strategies by watching them play. This article is introducing one of such streamers – Slotspinner.

He represents slots mostly. By the way, slot games are in a hot demand now. Considering their simplicity and good-looking design, it seems quite logical. Besides, the relaxing tone of these games makes them suitable for leisure. But the goal of every game of chance is to get money. That is why people keep watching Slotspinner casino streams carefully.

Apart from slots, he is fond of table games. From time to time one can see the streams dedicated to roulette, blackjack, and other games. This is one of the secrets of his increasing view counts. Although slots are popular, other games exist as well. The wide range of played games helps him keep his viewers’ attention. Are you ready to get familiar with him closer? Read the article and find out more about this streamer.

About Slotspinner


The career path of this streamer began four years ago. In the beginning, he could hardly be called a recognizable personality. But now Slotspinner Streamer is really well-known. He has more than 20,000 followers on his Twitch account and over 16,000 subscribers on YouTube. The latter has approximately 8,000,000 view counts for all the time.

As for his life, it is known that he sticks to a healthy lifestyle. He goes to the gym and loves cooking. His hobbies are reading, photography, travelling, and learning. Besides, he is married. There is no exact information where he comes from. A lot of pictures on his profile are taken in Malta. Probably, he lives there. We can say exactly that he’s a German. This information comes from a popular platform. But sometimes you can see that he plays games in Swedish. Obviously, he is multilingual.

Every profile he has on social media is related to games. This is logical because the man earns money by playing. He streams almost every day. The videos last 2-4 hours on average. There is one feature that differs Slotspinner Streamer from others. Along with the slot games, he also streams about table games and live casino. There are videos about Monopoly, Megaball, Double Ball Roulette, and so on.

There are also short videos covering different casinos on the Slotspinner YouTubechannel. A range of videos named Table game Tales represents several brands. All the content is well-organized by dividing into separate themed playlists. There are Epic Wins, High Stakes, Bonus Hunt Results, and other playlists.

Slotspinner Is Getting Famous

Trying to analyze the earliest streams, we see that there were very few of them in the beginning. Along with that, there were no more than 2,8k view counts of a single stream. Even after a year of work, the situation hadn’t changed. But by the end of the second year, the number of view counts had increased insanely. The biggest number was 20-25k viewings.

The main factor was probably serious work. At that time, Slotspinner started to stream as often as possible. The variety of games he played had enlarged. This was a definitely crucial factor. The more games he played, the wider audience he attracted. Only in the last two years, one can see 48-118k viewings of a single video.

The results are quite successful. But the streamer keeps on going without such a crazy number of views now. This can be a sign of the settled down the business. He doesn’t seek huge popularity anymore. Slotspinner Twitch account has more than enough followers at the moment. After all, it’s particularly important to keep the existing audience.

Right now, he is one of the most well-known persons in the gambling world. Slotspinner Facebook profile contains relevant information about the last sessions.

Largest Wins

The success of any professional gambler is measured with the number of winnings. The more money casino streamers win, the more popular they are getting. Here you will see the three most amazing wins of this guy. The games he had chosen are quite famous. Pirate Kingdom Megaways is available at many casinos. Genie Jackpots Megaway is known for the huge amount of ways to win. Dead or Alive 2 is a sequel of an exceedingly popular game. The RTP of these games is really high. Watch these videos and see how the streamer wins.

5551X on Pirate Kingdom Megaways

The video starts quite unusual. The streamer himself doesn’t play in the beginning. Instead of Slotspinner, his wife plays the slot game Pirate Kingdom Megaways. Honestly saying, she does it pretty well. The game is provided by LeoVegas. There are just six free spins. She tries to collect pirates and chests which are the wild symbols of this game. At first, she manages to win €705. That brings her 10 extra spins. But after a series of winnings, the couple manages to win €11,103. This is equal to 5551x.

7212X on Genie Jackpots Megaways

The next game is Genie Jackpots Megaways. The total deposit is €2,500. The rather big amount, isn’t it? A genie symbol gives a bonus. The streamer himself emphasizes how hard is to get them. At first, he collects three genies at once. They bring him 10 free spins and Mystery Wishes. This bonus had brought more than 144,000 SEK! For comparison, 10 SEK = €1. This amount is equal to 7212x.

25995X on Dead or Alive 2

Last, but not least. This is the famous Dead or Alive 2 which doesn’t need an introduction. Many online casinos include this game in their product range. The total deposit of Slotspinner is €800. Again, his wife plays. As the streamer claims, she had been playing this game for two weeks at that time. 11 free spins are used to play. The first big win is 400 coins. But immediately after comes a super big win – 12,200 coins. The couple is really excited. In the end, their result is 482,005 coins (25995x).

These amounts seem absolutely insane. But his earliest videos show how much effort and time were spent to achieve such a success. Funny, that the streamer’s wife had also joined his hobby. She helped him win several times. There are many streams where Slotspinner Streamer wins, but these are the craziest. Visit his channels on YouTube and Twitch and watch the latest streams.


Apart from many accounts on social media platforms, there is a website of Slotspinner. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain information about himself. One cannot register there. But players will see a list of reliable casinos there. There are eleven brands and ways how to get a bonus. A promo code is available for some of these brands. One can also find it on this page. All bonuses are available for newcomers. To get it, one should just click on the button “Claim Bonus”.

If you go to the very bottom of the page, you will see the logo of the CasinoGrounds platform. This streamer and several others are a part of this community. This is a useful website for gamblers. There are recommended casinos, game strategies, guides, and so on. Moreover, this platform developed the famous game Dead or Alive 2. That was a joint project with one of the famous streamers.

No matter if you’ve been gambling for a while or you’re just beginning. Visit this website and the platform mentioned above. They will help you not to get lost in the gambling world. Besides, other streamers like Daskelelele are represented on that online casino streaming community.


Let’s summarize. We personally believe that this streamer deserves your attention. The fact he has over 16,000 subscribers on YouTube, speaks for itself. There are even more people that watch him on the Twitch platform. Slotspinner Instagram profile has nearly 700 followers. This is not much but it seems like it’s just his profile. Generally, there are pictures of him and his wife and family. Still, sometimes he posts information about gambling there.

If you visit Slotspinner Twitter, you will see streams schedule. So, his followers can easily track his latest videos. The man informs people about new games, casinos, and bonuses that can be claimed. Though there are not so many readers, this is a useful channel. There are many streamers that choose the topic of slot games. Jarttu84 is one of them.

The final rating is absolutely positive. The guy’s behaviour patterns are slightly different from other streamers. He acts calmer and more relaxed. He shows strong emotions when he wins only. Those who consider that the streamers are too emotional can watch Slotspinner. Sometimes his wife plays instead of him, which makes the streams more exciting.

On the whole, the streamer makes a nice impression. He seems to be a positive guy who likes what he’s doing. Of course, he plays to get money. But the main goal is to bask in the gaming process. Here is a fun fact. Twitch Star is the name of his profession, as he claims on the Slotspinner Twitch account.


Is Slotspinner Fake?

✔️ No, he isn’t. Some wonder if he’s real because there is very little information about him. But his profile on Instagram proves that he is an existing person. Besides, he is a member of the online casino streaming community. This can be seen on his website. But if you have some doubts, go to the gamblers’ forums. They often discuss similar questions.

Why Play at His Recommended Casinos?

✔️ The first reason is that Slotspinner plays at them himself. He already has great experience in gambling. This is why he can tell certain brands to other people. But this may not sound like a reliable proof. In this case, visit the profiles of other famous streamers. You will see that they tell the same brands mainly.

Could I Get Any Bonus?

✔️ Yes, there is a fantastic opportunity to get a lot of them. The website of the Slotspinner Streamerinforms its readers pretty well about it. It happens that he tells about different bonuses on his streams, too. There are videos about the best and the worst bonuses on YouTube.

Does He Always Win?

✔️ Slotspinner is pretty lucky at slots, that’s true. Viewing his streams, one can get a false impression. Yet sometimes he fails, too. You can even see some videos called “Fail” on his channel. Besides, at the beginning of his career, he wasn’t that successful. You can see that watching his first videos.

Why Does He Play Slots Mainly?

✔️ The answer is simple. This is the type of games that always looks attractive. Bright-coloured pictures, excellent graphics, and big wins are the main reasons. People who don’t want to lose their own cash, like watching it. The choice of Slotspinner just meets consumer demand. Not to mention that he truly enjoys playing slot games.

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