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Nowadays gambling at online casinos is no longer considered as something bad. The majority of people play for fun or killing time. Indeed, some games help them to relax after work. Ignorant people think that gambling is represented by poker or roulette only. Still, this is not true. There are plenty of straightforward slot games, which don’t need a lot of thinking.

The growing popularity of such games led to the emergence of casino streamers. We will introduce one of them in this article. His nickname is CasinoTest24. As his many competitors, he reviews slots. Why this game category? It happened so that 80-90% of players prefer playing it. Those who are completely new can learn how to play. They also can choose a suitable game without playing and losing money. In other words, such streams are a good guide for inexperienced gamblers.

But the major part of players wants not to play only. They also hope to win something. For these people, CasinoTest24 streams are more useful. He is known for his large wins. Those who want to get money should watch the streams. Read this article to find out more about this famous streamer. We are sure that this information will be useful for everyone.

About CasinoTest24


There are two streamers – Calvin and Hauke. The last one is seen on the streams more often. He comes from Germany, Frankfurt. His YouTube channel and website are for people who speak German mainly. He began his career three years ago. That could be seen from his videos on the Twitch platform. The oldest streams were recorded in 2017. As one can see, he was not that popular at the beginning. The first streams attracted only 100-200 viewers. Still, that was more than an average streamer could expect.

Interesting fact, CasinoTest24 has more than 500 winning videos. He had to play a lot to achieve such success. The first games he played were White Rabbit, Happy Holidays. He also reviewed popular Dead or Alive slot. There are almost 31,000 followers on Twitch. That’s not a limit, we are sure. He streams every day. On Wednesday he usually streams between 7 PM to 2 AM. You can see that he works hard to attract more new viewers.

Still, there are not so many subscribers on the CasinoTest24 YouTube channel. There are only 409 of them. The main platform he works on is Twitch. Still, his videos on YouTube have a lot of views. Some of them were viewed as 24,000 or even 29,000 times! There are 116,354 views totally. The offices of the streamer are situated in Malta and Krakow.

He doesn’t share information about his private life. Thus, we cannot say if he’s married or has children. What we know exactly is that he’s a cool slot streamer. Visit his YouTube channel and watch the latest videos about his wins.

Website of CasinoTest24

Like other famous streamers, this one has his own website. It’s dedicated to the theme of casino games. Besides, he recommends trustworthy brands there. Before giving recommendations, he tests each one personally. There is also a link to the CasinoTest24 Twitch account.

The site has several sections. The homepage contains different promotions and offers from reliable brands. Exclusive huge bonuses are waiting for everyone. There is useful information about new slots and their upcoming release. Besides, people can see previews of winning videos.

The next section is Online Casinos. There are full reviews of various companies. Each article contains relevant information about the company itself. Besides, players can learn more about offered promotions. Payment options, special features, and recommendations are given there.

Another section is dedicated to winning videos. A lot of viewers of CasinoTest24 find this one the most interesting. Players can see the streams about such games like Jurassic Park, Dead or Alive 2. The fact the streamer win so much, encourages his viewers.

Online Casino Games section tells, naturally, about games. Reviews of the newest ones will help you choose from this variety. All the games have ranked. Some of them have a very low one – 46% or 54%. But the streamer tries to post articles about good games. One can see games like White Rabbit, Queen of Riches, Star Quest.

Twitch Stream represents a direct link to the Twitch platform. Players are able to watch online streams there. Live chat allows viewers to communicate with each other and discuss the stream. There are German- and English-speaking people.

The last section is filled with news of the gambling world, the biggest wins, reviews, and releases. Moreover, the streamer is a member of the “BeGambleAware” charity. It’s an organization that helps people who are addicted to gambling.

Besides, there is a button called “Categories” (Kategorien in German). One can find there everything about his or her favourite game. They are in alphabetical order.

Biggest Wins of CasinoTest24

As one can see, there are many winning videos on the streamer’s accounts. We are going to describe the three largest ones. These videos are here to encourage our readers. After seeing them, it’s obvious that huge wins are possible. Still, one shouldn’t think about gambling as an extra money source. CasinoTest24 says that on his YouTube channel himself, too.

1128X on Knights

Let us getting started. The streamer plays the Knights slot. The minimal stake is €10. His credit balance is €546.39. The goal is to collect scatter and wild symbols, represented with knights and horses. For the first time, he wins €25 and gets 10 free spins. The more he wins further, the more free spins he gets. In the middle of the video, his win is €1,350. By the end, CasinoTest24 managed to get €5,640 (1128X Knights)! That’s an enormous sum. Still, he said that he was not yet completely pleased with it.

2863X on Lil Devil

Here comes the next video. The game is Lil Devil. The balance is €309.50. The streamer’s stake is €5 – quite small. Right in the beginning, he gets a nice combination. That gives him €100. After that, CasinoTest24 used Angel bonus (7 free spins). One can see a spirited discussion among the viewers in live chat. Three minutes later the winning amount was already €1,260.50. In the end, the streamer wins more than €14,000 (2863X Lil Devil). That’s really nice!

3493X on Queen of Riches

Last, but not least. This video is the shortest. But the streamer managed to win a bunch of money for this time. The game’s name is Queen of Riches. Along with that game, CasinoTest24 plays Star Quest in another window. There are plenty of free spins, which allow playing longer. The credit balance is €92. 45 free spins are certainly enough to win at least something. The stake is €5. The streamer gets 5 wild symbols at once. Each of them increases the win by 3 times. This time he wins €17,561 (3493X Queen of Riches)!

What is surprising, that is the behaviour of CasinoTest24. Unlike his English-speaking competitors, he doesn’t seem that crazy and emotional. Probably, that is his German feature. People who don’t like overacted reactions of other streamers will find him nice. He stays calm whereas he’s really excited.


CasinoTest24 Twitch and YouTube accounts are quite popular. These two streamers manage to win incredible sums. Though they look serious, they are rather funny. Despite huge wins, Hauke streams almost daily. Here is a bit of statistics. There are 41,474 viewer hours and 163 hours live on Twitch. Besides, it’s the tenth most-watched German slots channel.

Apparently, CasinoTest24 doesn’t want his viewers to know a lot about him. That’s why it’s rather difficult to find personal information about him. He has very few accounts on social media platforms.

Fans of this streamer can buy cute stuffed toys with his logo. There’s a website called Stream Elements. Funny elks, frogs, bears, and giraffes are waiting for their new owners. The toys are bought for special points.

Those who want to contact the streamer directly can do it on the website. You should simply fill the form, and send your question or request. Speaking of the similar streamers, LetsGiveItASpin streams about slots as well.

Apart from the mentioned above accounts, visit the website. There is a lot of useful information related to gambling. Even experienced players don’t neglect an opportunity to learn more.

On the whole, this streamer leaves a pleasant impression. He is not that emotional compared to his competitors. But he has a certain charm that attracts his countless viewers. We highly recommend seeing at least a couple of his online streams. If you wish to see other streamers’ channels, search for Roshtein. He also reviews slot games.


Is CasinoTest24 Fake?

✔️ There is no cause to believe that he is fake. During the streams, everyone can see his face. This is true for both Hauke and Calvin. Besides, viewers can contact him via the website. It is known that Calvin had started streaming before reaching 18. He had to stop it temporarily. But now he reached the age of majority and streams again.

Are There Any Bonuses and Promotions?

✔️ There are more than enough of them. Those who are interested can find more on the website. CasinoTest24 recommends a lot of tested brands, which provide generous offers. Just visit the site and follow the links. Along with that, you will find relevant reviews about different online casinos.

Which Games Are the Best to Play?

✔️ There is no certain game that will bring you winnings. You should understand that everything depends on luck. Still, the site of the streamer has many reviews about existing and upcoming games. Before playing a game that you fancy, read the article about it.

Why Does He Win a Lot?

✔️ Streamers like CasinoTest24 seem incredibly lucky to their viewers. But they have to play to get more wins. Gambling and streaming are the main part of his money sources. Besides, he explains that on the YouTube channel. He shows the winning videos mainly. But normally he loses more than wins.

What is Responsible Gambling?

✔️ The streamer gives some tips on his YouTube account. First, you shouldn’t think about playing as an opportunity to earn money. Indeed, that can happen. But novices lose a lot at the beginning. Another advice is to stake money you can afford to lose. Moreover, it’s useful to set a time and money limit. Say, you can spend €50 for one hour. The last recommendation is not to try to cover the loss at any cost. This may lead to larger losses. And, of course, don’t try to play if you haven’t yet turned 18.

How to Win More?

✔️ First of all, follow the recommendations given below. It is fair to think that it’s not enough to win. You should play at trusted casinos only and avoid unlicensed brands. Second, try to look for beneficial offers. Various bonuses and promotions frequently give an opportunity to play for free.

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