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New technologies are developing rapidly. It is impossible to imagine our world without modern gadgets. Almost every person has a smartphone or a tablet. PCs are appearing in lots of families. It is not a sign of luxury now; it is a necessity. Lots of industries use modern technologies, and the gambling industry is not an exclusion. New casinos are appearing almost every month. Some of them are becoming online gaming houses. These casinos try to provide the best opportunities for gamblers from all over the world.

Such casinos usually cooperate with the best providers. They supply casinos with good games and slot machines. Such machines are usually characterized by high RTP and fair gaming. It doesn’t really mean that the gambler will undoubtedly win. It is usually a sign of luck. Sometimes the gamblers can lose. One must be reasonable while playing. Even the best machines can’t guarantee high winnings. It is all created for entertainment but not for making money.

Best New Slots of 2021
Basketball Legends
Basketball Legends
Cleopatra’s Fortune
Cleopatra’s Fortune
Iron Bank
Mystery Motel


When the gambler wants to play slots or games, it is always an undertaking. There are so many online casinos, so it is easy to get lost. One is trying to find only the best offers from well-known gambling houses. What do the gamblers usually pay attention to? One of the most important points is the license. It is the main option of every casino. It is not easy to get a license. Some countries even ban the online gambling industry. In comparison with it, there are other countries which support it. Malta and Curacao are among them. They are the most favorable places for running a gambling business. Yet, getting a license doesn’t guarantee absolute fair gambling.

Another important point in the best slots and games is RTP. It is a percent of possible chances to return money to a gambler. Best online slots usually have an RTP of more than 96%. New casinos usually try to follow this trend. What is more, they have tables of payments on the websites.

One more attractive sign for gamblers is a design. new slots usually have HD graphics and high-quality music. It is not boring to play them. It is even more than exciting. Moreover, the gamblers don’t need to go anywhere. Everything is accessible from a PC or a smartphone.

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List of New Slots

Another question that trouble lots of gamblers are where to play. The number of casinos and slots is really immense. There are special sites that specialize in new slots review. They usually provide accurate information about the gaming possibilities. Such websites always specialize in different aspects. It is possible to find lists of new slots, best and so on. If the gambler is interested in one of them, he can read a total description. There are even teams of testers who play different slots and games. It is especially important for new slots. If it is good, it will become popular soon.

Reasons to Play at New Slots

People have different kinds of entertainment. Somebody prefers to play video games, and others like to play online gaming machines. So, as it sometimes said: tastes differ. The question that remains actual is why the gamblers play. The list of the reasons to play can look like this:

  • New experience;
  • New emotions;
  • New bonus mechanics;
  • New style;
  • Payouts are higher.

New Experience

One of the main reasons to play new slots is to get a new experience. People are always looking for something new, and gamblers are not exceptions. They also want to get something new. This new experience is necessary. It can change the perception of the gambling industry. New slots sites usually have a colorful design. They provide bright colors and HD graphics. Combining it with exciting gameplay, the gambler will be pleasantly surprised. The developers from the best providers work hard to amaze gamblers from all parts of the world. They create new characters, new plots, and so on. All these facts bring new experiences to gamblers.

New Emotions

Another important factor is the new emotions. It is like video games. Every year some companies produce new games for players. It can be almost the same. At the same time, it can arise new emotions among gamblers. With new online slots, everything is the same. New machines and games can produce a greater impression on gamblers. They usually have something attractive. Probably they will not become the best slots in the world. Though, they can drag gamblers to the screens for many hours. With exciting plots, they can transfer the gamblers into new worlds.

New Bonus Mechanics

One of the most desirable points among gamblers is a bonus program. New casino slots are trying to present something new. The number of bonuses can be different. It is almost impossible to name all them. The most popular can be:

  • No deposit bonuses. It can be different. New slots can provide extremely high positions for such operations.
  • Daily bonuses. This approach is becoming popular nowadays. If the gambler plays every day, he can get larger and larger bonuses.
  • VIP programs. It is a new tendency in the gambling world. The gamblers can become a real VIP to get all the possible gifts from the casino.

Sometimes gambling houses provide a combination of bonuses. The number of them is really big. It is better to visit the official websites and learn everything.

New Style

The style of every gaming machine or game is also an important topic. Some gamblers prefer old-fashioned or classical slots. Others prefer revolutionary experience. In new slots, there can be lots of innovations. They usually have HD graphics. They are performed in bright colors. They really look attractive. At the same time, these slots still remain easy to play. A good slot or a casino usually has a friendly interface. It is easy to understand everything at once. Even though they are performed in a new style, the main elements must be easy to access. No matter what topic they are devoted to, they have a typical structure. It can be a cartoon-like interface or something connected with adventures.

Payouts are Higher (Not Proven)

When something appears on the market, it can be characterized by many features. As for slots, the most important reason is the payout. It is rather easy to understand that gamblers usually prefer slots with high payouts. No matter how long ago they appeared, this key feature is vitally important. It is rather hard to say whether new slots have higher payouts or lower. It all depends on many features. When a gambler chooses a slot, he must understand two important features. One of them is RTP. For those, who don’t know it, it means a return to the player. It means the possible chance to get winnings for the game. Usually, good slots have a high RTP, more than 96%. Some slots have even more percent of payouts, but it looks suspicious. When the slot has an RTP of about 98-99% it looks clumsy and not fair.

New slots can hardly overcome this position. These slots must be provided by leading operators. They usually have more or less the same percent of RTP.

Another important point is the wagering requirements. They can be different. It is hard to say what requirements are more preferable for gamblers. They are so different and regulated by casinos.

Principles of Selection

When the gambler wants to play, he usually goes to proven websites with the best slot and games. New slots in 2021 will undoubtedly bring something unique to the industry. The main question is to understand what principles are leading in selection. Among the most evident can be popularity, gameplay, bonus features. These principles can be spread to other spheres too. It is also fair for video games. If the game is not popular, it will hardly find lots of gamers. Boring and monotonous gameplay is also a disadvantage. Bonuses are out of the question. It is always pleasant to get something new in return. Let’s focus on these features in detail.


The first important principle is popularity. This feature is usually shown on the websites. These slots are usually placed at top rates. They are usually played in positions according to the number of games. Sometimes it is even visible how many times it was played. These lists are usually renewed. They can show the best slots and games within a week, a month, or a year. Popular slots are usually those which have a balance in everything. They can be found on lots of websites devoted to ratings.


One more principle to pay attention to is the gameplay. The gameplay is the basis of everything. It is fair for video games, slots, and just table games. Everything is possible to get exciting. In the best slots, the gambler can travel to different lands to hunt for treasures. He can play a part in a famous cartoon or a fairy-tale character. The opportunities are endless. It is even more exciting when the gameplay is unexpected. It can be connected with various bonus games. It is, of course, risky. At the same time, it enlarges the chances of winnings. The gambler can even go to other locations that differ from the main topic. It makes the process diverse. It won’t give the gambler the chance to get bored. The gameplay is a process that must well-thought before releasing everything. So, it is especially important for slots. The competition is rather high, and everybody must amaze gamblers.

Bonus Features

Perhaps, one of the most important features in slots is bonus features. Different online casinos provide various types of bonuses. Casinos always provide no deposit bonuses. It can be up to hundreds of percent. The most attractive bonus is a welcome bonus. It is usually for those who have never played before. First registration will bring good prizes for gamblers. Another type of bonus can be free spins. It is a good chance to play without spending money. At the same time, one must remember that there are usually wagering requirements. They can be different. In this case, everything depends on the casinos and providers. Some casinos with slots offer to join the VIP program with various statuses. They can start from bronze up to platinum. Of course, it is not for free. If the gambler wants to get all the possible bonuses, he must pay. With a certain sum of money, he can join it. The more games are played, the highest status can be.

Types of Slots

New Online Slots

Online gaming houses provide broad opportunities for gamblers. They present slots, table games, roulettes, and so on. The number of slots is really big. They can be thematic. In this case, everything will be devoted to a certain topic. For example, the gambler can travel to ancient Egypt to fight for treasures.

Slots can also be with progressive jackpots. They can also be mobile. New mobile slots usually look like typical mechanisms on the websites. They are well-adapted to different operating systems. There is no need to download them. It is possible to play online via a web-browser. Slots can be divided into 3-reel and 5-reel slots. Other types will be observed below.

3-Reel Slots

3-reel slots are considered to be classics. The history of slots started with 3-reel slots. Most of the gamblers prefer sitting and spinning classical slots. The number of reels is the number of vertical lines. They are spined when the gambler presses the button. It is evident, that the number of reels increases the chances to win. At the same time, it makes the process a bit complex. A visual component becomes hard to perceive. It is much easier to concentrate on 3 reels.

5-Reel Slots

3-reels slots are classical and 5 reel slots are quite modern and widespread. They occupy the leading position among gamblers. 5 reel slots have interesting and exciting themes. They also have lots of bonuses and mini-games. Unlike 3 reel slots, they have 5 vertical lines to spin. The number of pay lines can be different. A typical number of them is 20. This type is the most widespread. New slots games are not the same as old mechanic slots with 3 reels. The number of lines increases the chances to get winnings.

Slots with Progressive Jackpots

Another type of slot is called slots with progressive jackpots. The idea of these gaming machines is quite simple. Gamblers invest money in a casino, and the sum is getting bigger and bigger. Finally, the jackpot is put at stake. Every gambler gets the chance to fight for it. There can be three types of progressive jackpots:

  1. The winning is getting bigger inside one online casino. The prize is collected by one or several gambling machines.
  2. In this case, everything is not less attractive than in the previous position. Gamblers will get fewer payments on combinations, but the jackpot will grow faster. The gamblers pay less to win more.
  3. This type collects a really huge sum in several casinos. The bets from clients are collected from all over the world. Finally, the prize is put at stake. Every gambler has the chance to win it.

Bonus Buy Slots

Sometimes best new slots sites give a unique opportunity for gamblers. They offer to get everything at once. These slots are called bonus buy. At the beginning of the game, the gambler is offered to buy bonuses. In return for the sum of money, he gets instant access to extra bonuses. They are usually free spins. With them, the gambler can play for free. The advantage of them is high volatility. Generally, the percent of RTP higher in such machines than in classical positions.

Megaways Slots

Other progressive slots are called megaways. They are really attractive and exciting for gamblers. It is something unusual that can’t be seen before. The idea of them lies in the number of paylines. They are not fixed. They can vary from one game to another. The number of symbols that are going to appear on the screen is random. This type of machine was developed by an Australian company. It attracted even more gamblers to test something fresh.

Types of Bonuses at Slot Sites (Casinos)

The number of bonuses at slot sites can be extremely different. It is sometimes difficult to understand what is necessary. New online slots 2021 will continue to implement something new. Now, it is important to look at all the bonuses available.

  1. The first type is a welcome bonus. When the gambler visits the casino for the first time, he is offered to register. After the registration, he can get some prizes. They can be free spins or other types of freebies.
  2. Deposit bonus. It is quite simple to understand. When the gambler deposits, part of the sum can be covered with the bonus. The percent can be different. It can start from 10% to 100%.
  3. No deposit bonuses. In this case, the gambler doesn’t need to pay money to play. Everything can be solved with a no deposit bonus. The casino provides money on certain terms and conditions.
  4. Free spins. The most widespread type of bonuses. The number of them is different from 20 or over 100. This can be provided to a certain slot machine by a certain provider.
  5. VIP programs. It can be usually accessed with extra payment. At the same time, it has some advantages. The prizes can be very big. The most important feature is the lower wagering requirements.
  6. This type of bonus usually aims to cover the losses. Some part of the money can be returned to the gambler.

This list is not full. There are even other types of freebies. It is better to visit the official website and look for exact bonuses.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Even the best slots and games have their advantages and disadvantages. They can be observed below.


  1. Free access;
  2. Highly-developed bonus system;
  3. Leading providers;
  4. High RTP;
  5. A great variety of slots.


  1. Sometimes scammers occupy positions;
  2. Always a chance to lose;
  3. High wagering requirements.


The number of online casinos is rather big. It is difficult to choose the only one. They have different modes to play and opportunities. New free slots will give you the chance to test the system. It is a good chance for gamblers to get new experiences. A good online casino usually provides different types of slots and games. The choice can be rather big, depending on the number of providers. Best slots are always placed in different top rates. It is easy to find them on various sites.

But be careful not to suffer from scammers. It is always difficult to find best slots. There are a lot of websites devoted to this topic. It is vitally important to filter good ones from bad ones. New slots must be tested by many elements before occupying the leading position in various rates. The main is the license. Some countries pay much attention at regulating the industry and casino audition. It is always easy to find the information about a reputable casino with best slots.

Questions & Answers

1. Where can I play new free online slots?

Almost every casino provides the access to free slots. They all have demo-modes. So, new slots can be filtered and one can play them for free.

2. Is it safe to play new slots?

Most casinos value their reputation. They care about the gamblers. Before playing any slot it is better to learn about it.

3. What types of best slots are the most popular?

As for the type of slots, the most popular are 5-reel slots. They provide better chances to win. If the gambler wants to test classics, it is better to choose 3-reel slots.