Casino Streaming as a Way to Make Money and Learn More



Let’s start by considering the facts. Online streaming has gained huge popularity recently. Speaking of casino live stream, it attracts many people. The main audience is those who want to play or stream themselves. It’s a perfect solution for those who are not yet ready to invest their cash in real gambling. People who want to know more about it, also watch streams. Indeed, many people are afraid to start betting immediately. This brief guide is going to help you. You will also learn about how to start your channel.

It’s a relatively new direction, which has appeared 5 years ago. The favourite section is slots and things related to them. Although other games are also covered, that section attracts an enormous audience. Probably the reason lies in that slots are quite simple to play, unlike traditional games. What if you prefer complicated, traditional games that need thinking? You will find them as well. Some streamers specialize in poker or wheel only, for example.

Some casino streamers have indeed made a good reputation. We are going to tell you about people who work professionally. If you wish to understand what gambling is and how to make real money on it, read the article. In case you would like to stream yourself, this guide will be also useful for you.

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Why Is It Popular?

Casino Streaming

Streaming has increased its influence. Nowadays top casino streamers form the customers’ opinions and represent some platforms. Large brands pay a lot to those who present them in a favourable light. Some say that right now streamers make their videos just for money. There’s some truth in that, but there are still people who try to present their independent opinion.

Without any doubt, it is harder now to become popular in the free online casino stream. The rivalry is getting tougher. People, who stay in this field for a long time, prevail over talented but unknown newcomers. That’s why it is important to choose carefully among the variety of streamers. Yet, you still can find players who make their name on doing that because they like gambling. If you want to stream, it shouldn’t be your goal to become one of the best streamers. It can disappoint you very soon in this case.

You cannot deny that casino streaming delivers an amazing feeling of presence. Along with that, you can get a lot of precious knowledge about games and the casino industry at all. There are videos about games for any taste, be it poker, wheel, slots, or something else. If you are just a novice, you can learn more about the game strategies (for example, wheel).

List of the Streamers

It is time for you to get familiar with the most known casino streamers. They have remained popular for a couple of years.

  • Roshtein is a legendary name. Mainly he performs on Twitch-platform, though he has accounts in various social networks. He is known for his charisma and attractive manner to present the information.
  • CasinoDaddy is a collective nickname for three brothers coming from Sweden. They cover traditional games like poker as well as slots. They share relevant information about bonuses and promotions.
  • ClassyBeef is a name for four streamers at once. They specialize in slots and broadcast 6 days a week 24/7. Like many others, they inform players about new promotions on different platforms.
  • LetsGiveItASpin has about 50,000 followers. He is a founder of CasinoGrounds. He makes reviews about other platforms and streamers. He’s a poker player himself.
  • Nickslots is a streamer from the UK. He’s really interested in games, especially slots. He posts useful recommendations about promotions. He also tells about the reliable casinos, according to his opinion.
  • Jarttu84 covers such areas as online gambling and sports betting. He has his own website and accounts on YouTube and other platforms. Besides, he regularly writes various reviews.
  • JugiPelaa comes from Finland. He describes himself as a “crazy guy”. He broadcasts every day. The goal of his streams is to tell ways how to win more.
  • The Bandit Slots started his path 4 years ago and has become extremely famous now. He’s known for his high stakes and monthly prizes for his followers. Moreover, a part of his income is spent on charity.
  • Mr Gamble is another Finnish streamer. He tells people how to get huge bonuses. Probably he can’t boast of that many subscribers, but he shares many good tips on his casino stream.
  • David Labowsky is not only a gambler from the Netherlands but also a social worker. As he claims, gambling is just one of his activities. He has developed his website about playing.
  • Spintwix comes from the Netherlands. His main feature is streaming about slots and table games. He streams every day except Thursday. You can see the schedule on Twitch or his website.
  • RnP Casino is a joint project of two friends. They cover playing slots mostly. You can find a lot of things about their streams and bonuses on the website.
  • Slotspinner comes from Germany. His subscribers know him as a slots lover. As he claims, he’s very lucky at playing them.
  • Miikapekka reviews slots and casino games. He offers exclusive bonuses. His website contains the list of the best slots.
  • Daskelelele is a stream project created by Jack. Recently he invited his friend Philip to the project, so it has become more exciting.
  • CasinoTest24 is from Germany. Mostly covers slots. Usually, he has two or three streams per day.
  • Chipmonkz Slots check if the casino is telling the truth. Review their bonuses and check if they are relevant on their websites. Deliver this information to their viewers.
  • Vihjeareena this guy will tell you how to play! He constantly reviews different slots, tells the features of each of them.
  • Although RistikaksiCom is a quite new online casino streamer, he will surprise you with a smart game and high quality streams. Unlike many other stremers he doesn’t play just to make money, RistikaksiCom loves to gamble!
  • Stop and Step Streamer with unusual videos. Show how he infiltrates casinos and slot machines with a hidden camera. Shows his big wins to his auditory.
  • Hypalinx is from Great Britain. He has about 50,000 subscribers. Unlike previous streamers, he broadcasts on YouTube.

How to Start Casino Streaming

Probably, you are wondering now how you could create your channel.In case you are an experienced gambler, this might be interesting to you. But you shouldn’t think that you will get a quick result. This area is already occupied by top casino streamers. But this is quite normal to work hard a year or more to become popular for novices. Even if you succeed and get many followers, it is not easy to hold your position. Yet it shouldn’t make you afraid. Just have a try and you will see if it’s your cup of tea or not.

It cannot be denied that a lot of time and money should be spent. If you wish to do that just for money, don’t even get started. The secret of success is that casino streaming should bring you good emotions. When you like what you do, you can reach the top. This is obvious, but many people start and then give up very soon because they get tired. It may happen that no one would like to watch your streaming in the beginning.


Follow these instructions about how to develop or improve your casino live stream.

  • Use all the possible platforms for streaming, such as YouTube. But don’t overdo this thing if you lack the free time to improve your accounts. We would also tell you to be careful in order not to be banned occasionally. Be wise at what you broadcast.
  • Set a schedule. This is convenient and practical both for you and your audience. People busy at work would like to know when exactly you will stream.
  • Free online casino stream is fun, but also time-consuming. If you want to achieve great results, your streams should last 4 hours or longer. This will help you attract new people.
  • If possible, use the services of casinos and ask them to help you. It can look like some advertisement on your stream. Besides, you can tell about the exclusive promotions and bonuses. The number of viewers will grow.
  • Work honestly. Once you cheat your viewers, you won’t be able to make any excuse. If you are noticed for something dishonest, it won’t do you any credit. Otherwise you may forget about casino streaming forever.
  • Try to deal with little known casinos whenever it’s possible. The reason is that large brands are hard to compete with. They don’t need any introduction or extra advertisement. It may be better to find not very popular brands and work with them.
  • The most important thing is to enjoy what you do. Some people make a good-looking background and use attractive interface. But these are not necessary things.

Basic Principles

You don’t need anything except a PC with a good camera, microphone and Internet access. It’s necessary to think over the look of your channel. Develop your style of casino live stream. It assumes your appearance, manner of talking, and so on. This is something that will help the viewers distinguish you from other streamers.

You can use more than one monitor to improve your stream. Professional gamblers use even more, but two is enough. As usual, you talk to your viewers using one monitor and translate the slots action using another. Buy a good microphone to avoid noise and unnecessary vibration.

Another essential thing is lighting. Ordinary lamps can make your face yellow or red. You can buy some special lamps for this purpose. The lighting also has a great impact on the audience’s feelings. Better when the viewers see a good-looking person in a cozy room. It inspires confidence compared to a barely seen face in a dark space.

Let’s summarize. You have to create one or more accounts on popular social platforms. Then install special software for streaming. There’s an option to broadcast to several platforms at once. You need to use Restream service for this purpose. Consider if your Internet speed is high enough. The computer you use should have good technical characteristics.

Some casino streamers broadcast without showing their face. You can also follow the suit, but some people may think that you’re just another fake. When you show yourself, your audience trusts you more.

Pros and Cons

A while back there were much fewer restrictions than today. Top casino streamers could broadcast easier. If you want to broadcast, you should meet a lot of requirements. Yet your account may still be banned for some reason. Permanently changing rules make the streamers change their platforms as well. That is why we have advised you to have at least two different accounts.

But if you’re a streamer yourself, you can make this area a better place. Tastes differ, and some people intentionally avoid talking about some games and casinos. It may be a bit unfair, but that is a fact. You can tell about little known games and brands to make them popular. After all, if a brand is large and popular, it is not necessarily the best.

Least, but not last. It’s possible to make a small fortune onstreaming. Success is not guaranteed. But if you see the monthly income of top casino streamers, you’ll understand how much you can earn. But this is workable only if you do your best and spare no expense.


To conclude, we could say that the casino live stream brings a lot of benefits. Those who are just new can find out a lot of useful information about what to play and how. Professional gamblers can start their channel. They can stream about games, slots, and casinos. This can be considered as a hobby and as a money source at once.

If you have never played, we would recommend watching a couple of streams. Casino streamers can tell a lot of valuable information. It can be about some platforms, brands, games, and strategies. If you don’t know how to play a certain game, for example, wheels, you can see a live stream. Moreover, you can always talk to other players in chat and ask them questions.

It is clear that if you want to be a streamer yourself, it’s not that easy. On the one hand, it is exciting and brings a lot of fun. But streaming requires the investment of money and time. Anyway, it shouldn’t be considered as a stable money source. We hope this streaming guide helped you understand the basic principles.