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Nowadays it is impossible to imagine our life without devices. We use mobiles and tablets every day. We get used to social networks and internet communication. One of the ways to communicate with the viewers is streaming. It is a rather new approach to produce an impression on the audience. One can think that it is quite easy to start streaming. The only thing you need is a PC or a laptop with a camera. But professional streamers will argue with it. It is not just presenting your face on the camera. It is even more. Many things must be taken into account before starting a streaming career. It is not about the equipment. It is important, but the main leading factor is an idea. One must clearly understand what he wants to show. There are lots of examples when people took up streaming and failed. Now there are lots of fashionable bloggers. They show different things. Some people just show their way of living with gardening. But streaming involves more than that. It is a long piece of video. Everything is happening just before your eyes. The founders of such a way of presentation were gamers. You can find hundreds of streaming channels devoted to gaming. But recent years showed that some other spheres are going to become digital. It is all about casinos. More and more gaming houses are opening in the world wide web. Due to this fact, people paid attention to streaming from online casinos and slots. It is hard to say who was the first, but the number of streamers is growing now. Of course, you may hear such names as Mr Gambleand others. But we want to focus our attention to another group of people. They are called RnP Casino.

Career start

RnP Casino
Very little information is available about ripnpipcasino. All the facts about it are presented on the official website of the casino. The only information we trust is that there are three guys who founded it. They are Jonas, Simon and Marcus. It is interesting to note that their nicknames are not connected with the casino. Only Jonas has nick Rip that is close to the casino naming. Other guys are Simon – Dip and Marcus – Mackmack. The origin of their nicks are unknown, but they look really attractive. These three men are from Sweden. At the same time, we know that they live in Malta. It is not surprising. We know that Malta is one of the friendliest countries for gamblers. They might have found it easier to lead their business there. Judging by the accounts in social networks, they are beginners. All the pages appeared in 2019. It is a rather short period to achieve something. We can’t deny the fact that they are becoming popular. If you look at the statistics of RnP Casino Twitch, you will see that the audience is growing. For a year they have more than 22k followers. It is a good result for beginners like they are. As for their age, we can’t say for sure. They look as if they are about 30. But we don’t know exactly. We also can’t say why they left Sweden for Malta. We understand that Malta is rather friendly for gamblers. Perhaps they have law problems with gambling experience in Sweden. Though gambling in Sweden seems to be legal.

What is already done to become popular?

If you want to become a successful media person, you must know some rules to achieve it:
  • High-quality content;
  • Regular streams;
  • Accounts in popular social networks;
  • Different approaches to the way of presenting.
Looking at these guys, one can say that they’ve chosen the right way. They specialize in playing slots and games. They test different casinos. They provide relevant information about bonuses and promos in different gaming houses. One can say, that the number of people who do the same is large. At the same time, when you need something, you can hardly find it. The guys are responsible for all the information presented on their official website. They work with different casinos and provide relevant information and top bonuses. The website is quite friendly to use. If you look at the traffic, you may see that more and more users visit it.
RnP Casino YouTube channel is another proof that the guys are driving to popularity. Since the time of the channel foundation (it happened in July 2019), they have about 4k followers.
If you look at the information about the channel, you will see that the number of viewing is more than one million. Not every channel can boast with such statistics. Lots of people find their content exciting and capturing. If you are a beginner, you may find something interesting watching their videos.

RnP best results in Casino

Like lots of other popular casino gamblers, RnP Casino Streamer posts different videos. They include both wins and losses. It will be impossible to imagine playing casino without fails. Any real gambler has such a negative experience. If they didn’t have such events, one can think that RnP Casino is fake. Though, there are lots of skeptical people. Some of them can speak about fakes in any case if the streamer is winning. It is rather unfair and reduces the prices of the guys’ efforts.

2012X on Punk Rocker

But now let’s focus on the greatest wins of these Swedish guys. The first video of the biggest win was posted in February 2020. In this video, the guys are playing slots. With their usual friendly manner, they communicate with viewers in the chat. They have the bet of €2. The result of the game you can see, clicking the link:

5857X on Lil Devil

Another great win was a bit earlier. It happened in October 2019. Though, the importance and the sum is much bigger. Just look at the game. The men were playing with a rather high bet. It was €4. But the result you can see. The total winning sum was epic. It is hard to imagine to win €23k. Look at the guys’ experience here: Of course, they can’t resist the temptation to scream, jump and shout while playing. And we can understand them.

8161X on Jammin Jars

One of the biggest wins of the guys happened in March 2020. They could win more than €48k. It was really epic win of the guys. Playing with a rather high bet, they could get a great sum of money. It was a crazy experience of winning. Even the men couldn’t remain sitting in their comfortable armchairs. If you are interested in their content, you can watch more epic videos on their YouTube channel.

Final accents

If we sum up all the information about RnP Casino, we can say that we don’t know much about the guys. The only impression is that they are making exciting content with loses and wins. They post different videos about their gaming career. At the same time, there is one disadvantage connected with RnP. If you visit its Twitch, you will hardly find the schedule of streaming. But you can watch the latest streams, that were not long ago. And the highlights can be watched on YouTube. It is important to mention the RnP Casino on Instagram.On this page, the followers can learn something about the guys’ lives. They publish different posts. They post tattoos, their computers and their everyday life. It is nice to see that they are rather different. They don’t concentrate on one topic. As for their website, it is nice to use. You won’t find a confusing interface there. Everything is clear and available. Beginners can find relevant information about casinos in various countries. They can’t leave the topic of bonuses alone. It is also on their official page. You can even read casino reviews there. It is close to Stop and Step. They have reviews too. In conclusion, one can say that their popularity will grow day after day. And it so because of the following reasons:
  • Nice content. Though the men are screaming and shouting, it doesn’t irritate. It is interesting to watch them.
  • Social activity. They use different platforms for communication. To prove that, you can visit RnP Casino Twitter.
  • Real experience. We can’t say for sure if they are real or not. One has to decide for himself. If you watch their videos, you get the impression that they are independent. They are not a project of any casino promotion.
They are just easy to watch and get pleasure. Even their strange English accent doesn’t push off. Sometimes it sounds a little bit clumsy. It doesn’t prevent the viewer from watching them.


As the guys are becoming more and more popular, some questions may appear.
❓ How many people are in their team?

✔️ According to the information on the website, there are three of them in the team. If you are an attentive follower, you may notice some confusing facts. In most videos, there are only two men. Why it is so, it is rather hard to say. But the real number of people in their team is three.

❓ How often do they stream?

✔️ This question is really important for followers. There is no schedule on Twitch. You can follow the announcements in other social networks of the guys. They have accounts on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Look for it in their posts.

❓ Who is the founder of RnP Casino?

✔️ It is almost impossible to answer this question. If you look for the information about them, you can see that there were two of them. Some websites that are not updated regularly state that there are two people in the team. But now we know that there are three men in RnP.

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