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Nowadays Casino Streams are not very popular. Even the most popular have about ten thousand views. At the same time, even not so popular bloggers have about hundreds of thousands of views. Besides, slots streamers can get some money for their content. It deals with the peculiarities of their content.

Casino streaming is quite a difficult occupation. It is necessary to hook the viewers with anything. The main difficulty here is to make the audience watch long monotonous actions. Due to this fact, very few people can get success in it. Those, who were able to overcome all the difficulties, can say they are happy.

Acquaintance with a hero


If you are ever interested in online gambling, you probably heard about this man. NickSlots is a man who devoted his life to online gambling. He is not the only one on the Internet. There are lots of gamblers who offer such content. But he is considered to be one of the most popular. If you have any doubts, just look at his YouTube channel.

In the world of online gambling, he is the most trustworthy person. Lots of users visit this channel, no matter where they are. He is not focused only on one platform. He has several accounts in the most popular social networks, like Instagram, Twitter. He also has a personal website, where gamblers can find tons of interesting videos. There, users can read detailed information about bonuses, provided by different casinos. They can also click a link to watch his games on Twitch. If you are a user of Instagram, you can subscribe to NickSlots Instagram. There can be found interesting pieces of huge wins and amazing highlights. There also can be found in his videos on IGTV. It gives the chance to have a look at his experience in a more detailed way. There can be found a link on his Twitch too. There you will get a complete impression of NickSlots.

NickSlots start

The beginning of his career dates back to 2016. Since that time, NickSlots has grown up into a popular slots streamer. Once he decided to change his life and dedicated it to casino streaming. His first videos about gambling appeared on the channel even earlier than 2016. Later they were deleted for unknown reasons.

His real interest in gambling appeared long before he began streaming. He got interested in slots when he was a teenager. He liked to spin fruit reels. It was his first experience that grew later into the main occupation. With the development of his career, NickSlots opened new sources of communication. He wants to be in contact with his fans and followers. NickSlots YouTube channel is one of the most popular. It is important to state that he was the first Casino Streamer in the UK.

The path to popularity

As popularity was growing, more and more people got interested in NickSlots real name. They wanted to know if he was a real man or just a commercial project. There is not very much information about his personality on the Internet. We only know that his name is Nick Preston, and he is from Yorkshire, the UK.

Nick’s achievements are connected with the way he leads his social platforms. First of all, it will be reasonable to mention all the networks where Nick’s content can be found:

  • Instagram;
  • YouTube;
  • Twitch;
  • Twitter;
  • Personal Website.

If we compare Nick’s content from 2016 and recent videos, we can see that the difference is immense. His videos and streams became better. It doesn’t only concerned with the technical aspects. The way Nick presents content has changed.

NickSlots Twitterwas registered in February 2016. Since that time his account reached the number of followers more than 5 thousand. He posted news about the coming streams. And the most important thing about him is that he communicates with his followers. He always thanks his followers and sometimes entertains them with funny posts. He is a real gambler. He posts not only the wins, but he also posts twits about his failures. You can watch all these videos at NickSlots Twitch.

The growth of his popularity is also connected with his other platforms. First of all, it is his official website. Here Nick posts recent videos. Except for this, gamblers from all over the world can visit the section bonuses. Here they can find actual offers from different casinos. Besides, Nick is a co-founder of another popular page among gamblers. NickSlots CasinoGrounds is a website devoted to gambling with lots of useful information.

  • He posts new casinos where gamblers can find all the information about them. It includes a short description and a link to the official page;
  • There are also tabs like a bonus, news, forum, guides and other information.
  • In section streamers, Nick posts well-known gamblers, who also play online. Here can be found different gamblers who share their experience. Among them, there is a Slotspinner streamer.

All this speaks about his serious approach to what he is doing. He is working hard for the content. If we look at his views on YouTube, some videos have the number of views of more than 100k, and some even more than 200k. There are also announcements on his channel and highlights. Some people think that NickSlots is Fake. Everybody has the right to decide, but some points speak that he is real. He is not always winning, he also posts videos with failures. He communicates with his followers. It is not a bot or a commercial project. It attracts people and increases his popularity.

NickSlots Livestreams are almost every day now. If you are interested in them, the schedule is available at his twitch. The traffic of his twitch channel is another proof of his popularity. There are more than 10k followers on his channel. Nickslots Live adventures capture people’s attention from all over the world. The number of views is more than 400k. He is not the most popular in the world, but in his section, he is one of the leaders.

Nickslots Biggest Wins

3rd place: 1366X on Razor Shark

As all the gamblers Nick has rises and falls. But his immense wins worth much seeing them. Among the most popular videos is his play here. He got unlimited free spins and increasing multipliers. During this game, Nick got several cool combinations with the biggest bonus. The result of this game can be watched here on his channel.

2nd place: 4097X on Queen of Riches

Another winning experience is connected with a cool combination. There was nothing special about the game since its very beginning. Several spins were empty. Nothing could speak about the win. But later that was an insane combination. It brought Nick the sum of money that can be called epic. Just have a look at the video.

1st place: 5400X on Primal Megaways

His last gaming experience with insane win deals with the mega win. With a bet of 5 pounds, Nick could earn more than 27k. An insane combination made him crazy. This was one of the greatest of Nick’s experience.

Summing up

NickSlots is one of the most successful online streamers in his sphere. His experience can be compared with such monsters as LetsGiveItASpin. Nick has attractive content. He is not focused on one thing. He develops his website, always publishes new videos and guides about casinos.

Recently, Nick’s followers were afraid that he stopped communicating with his followers. There were no new videos. Some of them thought that Nick decided to quit. They shouldn’t worry about him. He needed a rest. He was on holiday. Now he published a schedule about his new streams. All the announcements can be found in his social networks. He informs his followers.

One point that is remained unsolved is connected with fake. Some gamblers think that NickSlots uses fake money while playing. Let’s clarify this point. He started gaming when he was a teenager. Since that time, he achieved much. It will be impossible to imagine that Nick is just a commercial project. He earns much with affiliate programs and links.

He is just a gambler who wants to share his experience and achievements with other gamblers. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not, you will find something interesting. NickSlots Casino Streamer is a person who is devoted to his occupation.


Though Nick is rather popular, some questions can be raised. They are about his occupation and personality.

Is NickSlots fake?

✔️ NickSlots is a real person. Everybody can watch him during the streams. He is a real gambler, who shares his experience. He publishes different types of videos about gambling. It proves that he is real.

What is the time of NickSlots Streams?

✔️ Nowadays Nick has four streams a week. He is streaming on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:00 to 16:00 GMT.

Where can we read his biography?

✔️ Very little information is available about Nick. The only facts are that he is from England, from Yorkshire, it is available on his official page.

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