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Money is never enough. It is a simple life truth. People always try to gain more money to ensure a better life. There are different ways to find yourself and built a career. Everyone has his/her own path. Some of them manage the task better, while others cope with it worse.

When trying to find the right way to succeed, people try different fields of activity. Some of them prefer trading, others start businesses. Nowadays, all sorts of bloggers are increasingly popular. More and more people have YouTube channels, Instagram accounts. Everyone broadcasts what he/she does the best.

In this article, we’ll talk about one of the most successful online casino players. Our hero is DeuceAce.

Who is DeuceAce?


Let’s start from the beginning. What do we know about the gambler? DeuceAce’s real name is Jay. He’s about 30 years old. He is crazy about gambling and is well versed in this occupation. It is a famous gambling streamer who has accounts on different social networks. Its followers can find him on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, and on YouTube.


DeuceAce Casino Streamer was brought up in a middle-class family. His parents are simple workers. They are not millionaires and something like this. Jay grew as an ordinary child without extra toys or gadgets. He dreamt of becoming rich and giving to his parents all they need. This is a common childhood dream.

When he graduated from school, he entered a college. Having become a student, the player opened another life. Student years were the time when the gambler tried gambling for the first time. He had to work somewhere to ensure a comfortable existence. His friend played a casino and suggested Jay trying. So, it was his first experience.

At that time, the player understood that this activity is rather risky. It is easy to lose money just in one second. Still, the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars per minute attracted him. This is this dream that guided Jay through all failures. His persistence and belief in himself helped him achieve the height he has now.

He confesses that before he won the first $1 000, he had lost about twice more. But this experience learned him to struggle. He continued. When he understood that he gains incredible money, he decided to record his game. This is how the first DeuceAce Stream appeared.

How did DeuceAce Became Popular?

Note that his name has become popular just a couple of months ago. He began just like an ordinary player. Jay wanted to gain more money and searched for ways to do it. Online casinos drew his attention because its clients should not go anywhere. It is possible to make bet from home, just sitting in a comfortable armchair and drinking our favorite drink. Isn’t it a good place to earn money?

The player decided to try. He registered on a gambling platform and made first bets. Note that he didn’t earn millions during the first bets. Like any other player, Jay faces either rises or falls. The path to success is always thorny. Such character features as persistence and purposefulness helped the man overcome the period of failure and not to give up. But, as they say, everything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. All obstacles taught DeuceAce. He analyzed all bets and learned from mistakes.

That is why now he deserves his prizes. When he began to win big money, he decided to share his experience with others. The players decided to become a streamer. He created a YouTube channel and started to shoot streams. Now, you can watch videos on DeuceAce’s YouTube channel.

It is true that DeuceAce does not take the first place in the rating of TOP casino streamers. Still, judging by his career and achievements, many predict that he can compete with such famous streams as Chipmonkz Slots or others in the future.

Popularity in Social Networks

As it has already been mentioned, Jay’s got popular just a few months earlier. He registered his accounts a month ago. Yet, he attracted thousands of followers for just a month!

Judging by DeuceAce’s Instagram account, he created it on September, 7th. Today, the player has 3 926 followers. This account is free of slot information. There, the man shares his personal photos and thoughts. There, you won’t find information about streams; only his life and mind are shown. Judging by his account, the man loves nature and spending time outdoors. He’s fond of surfing and swimming. Generally, Instagram is the place where you can get to know your favorite streamer better.

DeuceAce’s Twitter account totals 1 686 readers. It was created also in September 2020. This is the place where you can find info on his gambling experience. There, Jay makes announcements of upcoming streams.

DeuceAce’s Twitch account has 57 469 followers. This is the place where all streams are broadcasted. As a stream is over, a record is uploaded to a YouTube account. Today, the channel includes 13 videos, and their number increases daily.

The player began to develop a YouTube channel just a month ago. So, it has just 85 subscribers. Yet, the player is rather popular and skilled. Among these 13 videos, you’ll find a stream with Roshtein. This is the leading casino streamer. His audience totals thousands of hundreds of viewers. So, it is a big luck to get him in a stream. Moreover, if Roshtein agreed to appear in DeuceAce’s stream, it means that the first player tacitly admits that Jay is worth attention.

About Jay’s Image

DeuceAce is just an ordinary man who is fond of gambling and sharing his experience. Like all casino players, the man is dedicated to his PC and gambling platform. Still, if you watch some videos, you’ll notice some features of his appearance.

DeuceAce streamer is a handsome sportsman with a short beard. He’s about 30 years old. He always wears sunglasses and prefers black T-shirts. This is his peculiarity. The appearance reminds of a guy from a schoolyard. It means that the player doesn’t try to show off and look like another person. He shows his personality.

The player is rather cheerful and excited during his streams. And this is obvious as all games are real. So, the man feels excited about the result of each spin. The gambler does not mind drinking something or grabbing a bite in front of the camera. He feels relaxed despite hundreds of viewers follow him. This fact shows that he’s real and brings him closer to his viewers. An audience perceives Jay as a fellow and is not afraid of asking him something or encouraging with words of approval.

Biggest Wins of DeuceAce

Now, let’s have a look at the most exciting winnings. Below, you can click on the links to watch streams yourself, or simply read descriptions to them.

2010X Win on Peking Luck

In the video, DeuceAce plays at Peking Luck. The slot is styled in Chinese style. Fans, dragons, geisha are present on reels. To begin with, he tries his luck and wins 38 free spins. The next step is to get a multiplier. The wheel of luck chooses between six colorful “dragons”, behind which different multipliers are hidden. The player gets a “blue dragon” and wins a maximum multiplier – 18x. The gambler’s bet is 5 EUR. The wager is 32%. The game starts. As all 38 spins are done, the man gains 10 052.80 EUR.

2505X Win on Leprechaun Goes Wild

In this stream, the gambler plays at Leprechaun Goes Wild. Leprechauns, coin chests, hats, and horseshoe are elements of the reels. The gambler gets 18 free spins. The amount of bet is 20 EUR. The wager is 6%. DeuceAce wins 50 100 EUR during just 18 free spins! It’s an incredible winning!

2582X Win on The Dog House

In this video, the streamer plays at The Dog House. Dogs, bones, doghouses are themed elements of the reels. At the beginning, the number of free spins is determined. Each reel has numbers 1, 2, and 3. The total number of reels is 9. When all reels stop, the numbers are added. DeuceAce has won 19 free spins. The game starts. The amount of bet is 50 EUR. The player wins 129 122 EUR during 19 free spins. It’s an incredible result!

To Draw the Line

As you see, a casino is a great luck. No one knows who will be a lucky one. All players have equal chances. There are no any secrets or techniques to cheat an algorithm and win a jackpot. It’s a game of luck. But the more budget you have, the more chance to win you have.

Our today’s hero is an example of how a new client can hit the target. He also was an ordinary man who decided to try his luck one day. As he says he would never believe that he will hit the top of the most popular casino streamers if someone would have told him this. If you watch his streams attentively, you see that he’s really surprised and excited for each big win.

To summarize, note that everyone can be in his place. If you’re interested in this kind of activity, do not be afraid of trying. The majority of gambling platforms offer trial periods or emo versions. Every user can try slots and decide whether it is worth starting a casino career.


Who is DeuceAce?

✔️ It is a casino streamer who has gained popularity due to big wins in slots. He has become popular during the last several months. His real name is Jay.

Is It Possible to Win Such Big Money in slots?

✔️ Many users claim that DeuceAce fake money is used in streams. Still, if you watch some videos, you’ll see that everything is real. At least, the player’s reaction to winnings is real. He is surprised by the amount of won money.

What is the secret of his success?

✔️ Generally, there is no secret. As they say, no pain, no gain. He also faced failures and losses. When playing frequently, a gambler gains experience. Developed skills help avoid some failures in the future. Note that slots are random algorithms. So, everyone can become that lucky one.

Where can I watch DeuceAce Live streams?

✔️ The man has an account on Twitch and a channel on YouTube. Besides, followers can subscribe to his Instagram account or read about the schedule of new streams on Twitter.

Is there a DeuceAce fake account on the Web?

✔️ No, Jay does not have a fake account. Probably, this is due to the reason that he has become popular recently. So, he is not as popular as, for instance, David Labowsky. Although he is famous enough, users do not try to use his name to cheat followers.

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