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The 21st century is going to become a real revolution in the world of technologies. It is almost impossible to imagine a person without modern gadgets. Almost every person has a mobile device or a tablet. Due to these features, there is a lot of entertainment online. One of them is the ability to play online casinos. It is a new branch of Internet entertainment. More and more people prefer this way of spending time online. Except for a great ability to spend time, it is a good chance to improve a financial state. Yet, one shouldn’t focus on it as the main way of getting money. At the same time, some people found another ability to earn playing at online casinos. Playing online casinos is not the way of making a good profit, it is a chance to relax after a hard-working day. Do remember that gambling is an addiction. Playing at any casino involves a reasonable gaming process. If anything went wrong, just stop. It is even better to play with small bets, not to lose everything at once.

One of the representatives of this sphere can be a daFROU Casino Streamer. Streaming is a rather new way of expressing oneself. It started as a way of showing computer games progress. One of them can be Xposed, who played CoD in his streams. Many people from all over the world started playing games and broadcasting them to a great audience. This kind of activity soon became popular. Casino gamblers found the same opportunity to play and share the content. Though the idea seemed rather awkward, some streamers have become quite popular. It is always interesting to follow somebody’s progress in the slots and games. Except for this, some casino streamers provide good bonuses in many casinos, if a person subscribes to the channels and accounts. It is just possible to visit the official Internet website and click the link. In most cases, all the available bonuses will be applied automatically. Now there is a new way of presenting content, it is stories on Instagram. The most important gaming news is published there. It is quite convenient, as they are appearing on the main page. People can’t even go deep inside the profile, but stories will be of great use for everybody, even for gamblers.

How did the daFROU career start?

First of all, it is important to clarify all the points about the personality of daFROU Streamer. On the worldwide web, there is very little information about him. At the same time, if one looks at the official communities and pages on the Internet, everything becomes more or less clear. It is not one person; it is a group of people. They are focused on gambling activity. They play different slots and games and share the content with subscribers from all over the world. One fact,  that is undoubtedly true is the country of their activity. These streamers are from Greece. Even the official website is in the Greek language. It is one of the most serious disadvantages for the fans. The recent version of the website doesn’t support other languages except for Greek. So, it becomes almost impossible for the gamblers to find what they are interested in. The only way out is to use automatic translation. There is even a community on the website, but without learning Greece, it becomes a terrible quest.

At the same time, the boys were able to create their well-designed gambling website, though it is in Greece. It provides information about different casinos and bonuses. It is a card of any successful streamer. Many popular streamers do the same. Of course, they get bonuses from casinos. It is evident, that this is not the main aim. If a streamer is a real professional, he firstly concentrates on the gaming activity. He tries to get pleasure from the process. Other bonus activities will be just an extra gift for the gambler. Casinos are also interested in such streamers; they play their slots and games and advertise this or that gaming house. It is a kind of good cooperation.

There are some other chances to get acquainted with the streamer. One of the ways is to visit daFROU Instagram. In the profile, there are lots of highlights from different slots and games. One important fact is that sometimes there is only one person playing, but in fact, it is a team of gamblers. Some photos are possible to find in the Instagram profile. According to the statistics on Twitch, it became evident that the streamer went online at the end of March 2020. Since that time, his popularity is deliberately growing. Now on the Twitch channel, there are 4,6k followers. At the same time, there is no information about how the career of the team started. They were not noticed in any reviews and interviews.

The growing popularity of daFROU

Now, almost a year has passed since the time of the streamer’s appearance on the internet. The team leads social network accounts quite active. DaFROU Live broadcasts are always presented on the Twitch channel. There is even a good timetable on the Twitch channel. There are some announcements about the coming events. There are other sections like chat and video where the gamblers can find something interesting. It is also possible to contact the streamers. Now the channel has more than 130k views. The peaks of viewing were caught several times, one of them was on the 3rd of January 2021.

If one looks at other accounts of the streaming community, they look not less attractive than others. For example, Instagram looks quite nice. There are a lot of highlights from different slots and games. There are 78 posts on the official page. It is not very much, but the period of publications is growing. Now the official page has more than 2k followers. The fragments of videos look simple. There is nothing violent or something that can be banned. It is a good sign of qualitative content. Unlike markoLASSO, this team of streamers focuses on the gaming process. They hardly post photos of themselves. As for his popularity, it is hard to explain what special he has. At the same time, the number of followers is constantly growing. They are not media people, but they can create good content for any gambler.

How much money daFROU ever won?

Any gambler from online casinos is trying to get as much as possible from slots and games. Some of the gamblers are lucky, but some are not. If you visit the daFROU YouTube channel, you can find lots of videos. There are some of them that are devoted to the biggest wins. One of them was published on the 4th of April 2020. It was just the start of the career, as the video has only 880 views. In this video, the streamer played Desperados Wild Megaways. If we look at the manner of playing, we see that the streamers don’t like to risk. On their account, there were about 200 euros. It was just quiet enough to lead a successful game. They played with a bet of 0.60 euros. The secret of the success was not the sum of money available for the game, it was free spins. It is one of the most desirable gifts for any gambler. In the combination of the wild symbols, the guys were able to win a good sum of money. More details can be observed here:




Looking at this video, one can understand that the success of the streaming company is in simple ways:

  1. Friendly atmosphere. There are several guys in the focus of the camera. They really look friendly and support each other during gaming.
  2. Fair gaming. Some may think that daFROU fake money usage allows them to stream whenever they want. It is not right. The guys play reasonably.
  3. True emotions. With these true emotions after winning a big sum of money, we can understand that they are just ordinary people who wanted to express themselves this way.

So, even the biggest wins can’t form the full picture of the gambler. To get more impressions about a person it is better to watch other fragments of video. It becomes quite evident then, why this or that person becomes more and more popular.

Summing up

Just let’s sum up what we have learned about the daFROU Stream team. It is quite evident that the guys are from Greece. They speak Greece and their official website is in Greece.  It creates some problems for the fans, but not very serious. Further, when the popularity will be much bigger, the guys will add an international version of their website, for sure.

The guys lead different social network pages. They are quite alive. It is possible to find the timetable of the upcoming streams, various photos, and videos from different events. The main advantage of their pages is that they are mainly focused on the gambling process. It is evident from many posts for example from daFROU Facebook.

Some people don’t believe such streamers and think that they are a commercial project. It is not true in connection with these guys. Such information sooner or later appears about other popular streamers, for example, DeuceAce. Many times, he was accused of being a fake, but everybody understands that people only envy him. The same situation is with these boys from Greece. So, let’s sum up what we know about these streamers from an unusual gaming country:

  • A group of people;
  • Lead active social network pages;
  • Play fairly and reasonably;
  • Funny and friendly;
  • Care for their online image.

So, if one wants to get more information about them, it is better to visit their official account on the Internet. Perhaps, the guys will uncover soon information about their personalities, and the fans will know more about these Greek streamers. It is rather difficult to compare them with such monsters of the gaming world like The Bandit Slots, but they follow their own way step by step.

FAQ about daFROU

Is daFROU a fake or not?

✔️ One can’t say for sure if they are fake or not. One can get the impression only from their videos and social accounts. On their website, they provide bonuses from many casinos, and it doesn’t speak that they are a commercial project. This activity is typical for many other streamers.

Why is it so little information about them?

✔️ No one knows for sure why they keep everything in secret. The only thing we know is that they are from Greece. Perhaps it was thought of as a kind of entertainment and the guys didn’t want to become popular. Perhaps later they will post something about them.

Where can I follow their progress?

✔️ It is possible to follow the boys’ progress in many social accounts. If you are interested just in the gambling process, it is better to focus on the Twitch channel. There are many opportunities to follow. It includes live broadcasts, videos, and a chat.

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