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Let us start by considering the facts. It is clear that online gambling won big popularity today. Apparently, those who read this article, have some gambling experience. But this is hard to find a good casino for beginners. It is even harder to find a suitable game and create a winning strategy. That’s why casino streamers exist. The Bandit Slots is one of them. This man comes from Great Britain. He streams about playing in slot games. His main account is on YouTube, though there is a profile on Twitter.

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The Bandit Slots Streamer managed to achieve fantastic success. It happened during just a couple of years. How had he gone through this path? Why do you have to watch his streams? We will answer these questions in this article. This man is a slot game lover. He has created his own website, called Backinamo. To find it, this is enough to enter this name in the search bar. It was launched in 2019. But the website has become popular only lately.

The man has more than 12,000 followers on Twitter. This is a big number. As for YouTube, there are more than 65,000 subscribers. Not every successful blogger can boast of this number. Each of his videos has approximately 100,000 views (give or take 20-30 thousand). There are plenty of casino streamers. But The Bandit Slots represents a big and authority figure. His channel will be useful for a wide audience. Read the article and get familiar with him closer. It will be certainly interesting for both beginners and experienced gamblers.

This is unusual, but this streamer doesn’t have an account on the Twitch platform. We will never know the reason, but his main profile is on YouTube. His Twitter account gives a nice impression. On the whole, he looks friendly and positive.

About The Bandit Slots

The Bandit Slots

While other streamers prefer live streaming, The Bandit Slots doesn’t. He records the videos in advance and then posts them. He is also known for his large stakes. The audience loves him for his funny manner. He looks exciting and happy. Since he had become well-known, he began placing large bets. Usually, he doesn’t show his face, the viewers can hear his voice only.

There was a strategy that helped him win. It’s called fifty-fifty. This is a special feature that increases the win, whatever its size is. The Bandit Slots Casino Streamer applied this strategy and won approximately £600,000. And this was only one game! He had managed to earn an entire fortune. That’s how he became popular.

Unlike other streamers, this doesn’t talk to his viewers while streaming. But there are several videos, where he just talks to them. They are devoted to such topics as casinos and games. The Bandit Slots Twitter account is a bit different. Though he writes posts about the up-coming streams and games, there is something else. One can see the photos of his son, the carrots his family grows, and so on. It is also obvious, that he is fond of football. On the whole, he gives an impression of a cheerful happy man.

Right now, he has a casino where he plays. The procedure was quite long. But after all the delays it started working. This is the source of his wealth, as he claims at the forum of Backinamo.

Biggest Wins

There are dozens, if not hundreds, videos on The Bandit Slots YouTube channel. We believe that you are interested in the largest wins of this streamers. If you scroll the channel page, you will see a lot of “big win” videos. But this one is about the biggest one. Today no one surprises if someone wins several thousand. But this guy seems to be breaking all the records.

In this video, the streamer plays in a simple fruit slot game. He tries to gather as many strawberries as possible to get a bigger win. It’s like a casual three-in-a-row game. But it is not that easy to play it here. The point is that there are not so many strawberries in the gaming field. At first, The Bandit Slots Streamermanages to get £8,625. Nice beginning, isn’t it? After the strawberries, he has to collect other fruits. They have to fall into the jars, and that’s quite complicated. He used six of six free spins to play. In the end, the winning sum was £100,156.50! This sum is enough to buy a decent car or a small cottage.

The Bandit Slots Streamerwon this sum two months ago. This is his greatest win ever since. The streamer had begun gambling for four years ago. But his wins were hardly as enormous as that one. Along with this video, you can see others covering the same topic. There are about a dozen of them. Besides, once he won at roulette. That shows he plays other games willingly.

This winning can seem incredible to anyone. But this hasn’t always been like that. Even this man had known failures and losses. If you want to win a fortune, you can try. But don’t get upset if you won’t do it for the first time. This video is shared to show you that everyone can win if he or she really tries.

Website of the Bandit Slots

We have mentioned it already before. But it’s time to look at The Bandit Slots Website closer. It was created in white and blue colours. When opening the page, one can see a funny gangster with a gun. It’s possible to log in via Twitter or create a new account. Judging by the forum, there are a lot of this streamer’s fans. They discuss gambling quite vivaciously.

The site contains all useful and relevant information about gambling. The videos of The Bandit Slots are organized. They are divided into several categories. You can see there the latest videos, prize draw results, special sessions, and so on. Moreover, a special section is dedicated to the prize draws.

And, of course, the Backinamo site has a section about big wins. This is easy to find a video you want to see. They are organized so that you can choose the winning sum or something. But without casinos, the list wouldn’t be complete. The streamer listed several casinos there. According to his opinion and experience, they are the most reliable.

Moreover, The Bandit Slots Casino Streamer cares about gamblers. He supports GamBan. That is like a block for those who play too much. It was made so that people wouldn’t become addicted. If you feel that you are getting addicted, you can contact him anytime.

The website was created last year. It has been launched in 2020, but there are already pretty many members. The forums are full of people talking to each other. What is important, the streamer himself talks to them and replies. Many streamers don’t keep the conversations a lot. He tries to be close to his fans, which describes him as a good person.


As you could have noticed, The Bandit Slots has been running this activity for four years. It’s a long period for a streamer. For a short time, he has become one of the most recognizable streamers. If you find his channels interesting, you can also see Roshtein’s videos. He streams about slot games mainly.

There is no exact information about the beginning of his career. But it’s possible to see the results. It is clear that he had dedicated a huge part of time and energy to streaming. We believe that if you watch the channel of CasinoDaddy, you will like it as well. There are four people making videos about slots. Actually, the majority of well-known people play them and stream.

If you wish to see more, visit his YouTube. There are a lot of streams almost day. They are called Sunday Slots, Tuesday Slots, and so on. This shows that The Bandit Slotsis an organized person. He arranges the videos so it would be convenient to watch them. So, every viewer can simply enter the necessary tag and find any video.

The Bandit Slots Website shows that he cares about his followers. Everything is neat and easy to understand. It’s possible to find there everything you want. Casino recommendations are helpful to choose a proper company to play at. This is important because he has already experienced them. Moreover, the streamer tells about various bonuses and promotions. They are available for newcomers mainly.

The Bandit Slots Streamerholds the prize draws regularly. He posts relevant information about reliable companies holding them. This gives people a unique chance to take part in these activities. Who knows, maybe it will be you who wins a thousand euro or more. Visit his website and discuss what you want with other members.


Why Should You Watch His Streams?

✔️ It’s a good passive experience. A new player can learn a lot from professional punters. Besides, it allows you to feel the gambling atmosphere without spending money. Moreover, The Bandit Slots Streamer is funny and cheerful. This is what makes his streams so popular. His emotions are genuine.

Is the Bandit Slots Fake?

✔️ This is a question everyone wants to get an answer for. The fact is you can’t see the face of the streamer is a bit suspicious. But if you see his website, you will make sure the opposite is true. Besides, look at his YouTube channel. There are some videos where he just talks to his viewers. Would a fake person do that? If you are convinced that The Bandit Slots Fake, just think. A person can’t be accused of something just because of your feelings. Besides, you can see his pictures on Twitter.

Who Is the Bandit Slots?

✔️ This is hard to say what his real name is. He lives in Wales, Great Britain. He is married and has a son. The main source of his income is gambling. There are a lot of discussions, whether The Bandit Slots is real. Along with that, there are pretty many proofs that he’s an existing person.

Is He Legit?

✔️ It may seem that he isn’t, but this is not true. The Bandit Slots Casino Streamer has all the necessary things to play legally. Besides, gambling is allowed in Great Britain.

How Does He Earn So Much?

✔️ The first thing is he is an affiliate. That means he gets commissions at different casinos. Second, his income depends on his gambling directly. The more The Bandit Slotsplays, the more he manages to earn. Moreover, streamers don’t upload the losing videos that much. This will ruin their hard-won reputation.

Why Does He Stream So Often?

✔️ As was said, this is his income source. Possibly, there is something else that he does for a living. But The Bandit Slots has to make a lot of videos to earn money. That’s why he keeps on streaming so often.

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