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Nowadays, there are a lot of different streamers. People like watching streams about cooking, playing video games, travelling. Online gambling is no exception. Moreover, streams about casino games have a practical goal. They attract new players mainly. They learn a lot from these videos. Jarttu84 is one of the streamers, who covers the gambling area. The man comes from Finland, Helsinki. Generally, he shares the information about slots. There are more than 50,000 subscribers on his account. He has accounts on the most recognizable platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. Let’s see how Jarttu84 Casino Streamer can simplify your way to success. Watching his videos, you’ll be able to understand some games better. You will learn which strategies have to be applied. If you are a beginner or don’t know what to start with, visit his channels. Probably, you will be able to choose a suitable game for you as well.

Career Path of Jarttu84

Jarttu84 It is clear that it’s hard to become a successful streamer today. There is a lot of competition in this field. But this didn’t scare this man. If you visit the Jarttu84 forum, you will see some facts from his biography. He describes his story there. Usually, streamers share their personal information quite reluctantly. But this is not the case. Maybe, you will also want to become a streamer after this story. At a young age, he already started gambling. Slot games attracted the future streamer most of all. When the first slot machines appeared, he tried to play every one. The government of Finland allowed young people to play. A minor could play in the presence of someone older than 18. That’s how Jarttu84 experienced games for the first time. So, he was interested in gambling and watched many streams. One day the idea suddenly came to his mind. He was going to sleep and watched a streamer’s video. As he claims, that guy was telling about a deposit bonus. Jarttu84 wanted to try it immediately. It happened so he won about fifty hundred euros. That great success made him wonder. What if he would start streaming, too? So, he started sending e-mails to different casinos. He asked if it was possible to cooperate with them. He wanted to do streaming on his Jarttu84 twitch account. But the casinos would let him stream on their websites only. That time, he says, there were not so many videos about games. It was not so popular. But, as we know, this platform is extremely important for casino streamers now. Apart from this man, you will also find there other good streamers.

Jarttu84 Becomes Well-Known

It was quite complicated to achieve success. There was no noticeable progress for the first time. Jarttu84 live stream still hadn’t brought any income or popularity. He was not even sure if he had to go on and stream. Things went better on one Thursday. Usually, there were approximately 20 viewers only. Suddenly, this number increased to 70. Jarttu84 didn’t even expect that because that number sounded to him incredible. The chat had become more vivacious and friendlier. That’s how this stream had brought a lot of new followers. As he claims, there were never less than fifty viewers from that day. After that case, Jarttu84 Casino Streamer realized that he should have done it more often. Those who made videos almost every day attracted a bigger audience. A decision was made quickly. He decided to stream daily as well. Along with that, the number of his followers was increasing up to 200. But a new obstacle appeared. When the streams started getting popular, haters began to attack him. Some people accused him of using Jarttu84 fake money.Sometimes, it was said, he used a bot instead of himself. According to his opinion, it was his competitors. They didn’t like the rapid increase of his viewer counts. They provoke him to make his audience leave the channel. But the streamer managed to solve the problems. He managed to keep his audience on Jarttu84 Vimeo and other platforms. Right now, he is a successful married person with two children.

The Story of the Wins

As many of gamblers, Jarttu84 Casino Streamer had his losses and wins. In this paragraph, we will tell about his largest wins. Here are some videos from his Vimeo account. You can see them ensure that he’s a real person. The videos are short but exciting. You will see the streamer himself, the game, and the viewers’ reaction. This is amazing.

3rd place: 1812X on Money Train

Here is a game called Money Train. It has a beautiful design and a lovely background. The point is that a train comes and the wagon opens. A player has to place a bet and turn the virtual reel. If he or she is lucky enough, they will find a winning box. If you watch the video on the Jarttu84 Vimeoaccount carefully, you’ll notice something. The gaming field is permanently getting larger. In the beginning, there are 5 paylines and 5 reels. At 1.26 there are four paylines and seven reels. As a result, he wins €4530. What an enormous win! The viewers share his excitement.

2nd place: 2537X on Punk Rocker

Jarttu84 plays Punk Rocker. This is a typical slot game. But it is very stylish. As one can see from its name, it looks like a London punk district. A red telephone box and painted walls are combined. The gaming field is 5×5. The symbols are quite funny. There is Einstein with a Mohawk, boots, and brass knuckles. You will also see something that looks like a Ghost Rider. In general, the design is quite colourful. The gaming field is getting wider. Till the end of this Jarttu84 stream, he won €5074! The viewers were happy for the streamer.

1st place: 8408X on Dead or Alive 2

During this Jarttu84 live,he plays at Dead or Alive 2. This game is extremely popular. It plunges players into a gangster atmosphere. The symbols are guns, sheriffs, and wine bottles. There are five paylines and three reels. He managed to win €3,786. But that was not all. And after a while, this sum increases to €25,902. In the end, you will see that he won €75,675! This is Jarttu84 biggest win. It’s even hard to imagine. The viewers’ reaction is sincere. They feel his emotions like their own. During the streams, Jarttu84 speaks English mainly. At the beginning of his career, he spoke Finnish only. But he changed the language to get more viewers. He speaks with a little accent, but it doesn’t make his speech undecipherable. Watch these videos to see his success. Maybe, it will encourage you to play those games. If you would like to learn more about slots, watch the streams of CasinoTest24.


If you love slots as much as this streamer does, his channels will be helpful to you. We have already mentioned about Vimeo. There are a lot of videos about the largest wins. It seems like he played every possible game. As for Jarttu84 twitter,he informs his followers about the latest games there. His schedule can be also found there. Approximately 900 people follow him. If you visit Jarttu84 Instagram, you will see a lot of useful information. He tells about the future events and streams there. All his profile is like a large schedule. Bright posters inform 3,600 subscribers about every event. Unlike other profiles, this one contains his friends. He has a website, where he posts casino reviews, sports betting tips, and so on. Moreover, Jarttu84meets his fans regularly in Tallinn or Helsinki. They appreciate him for being sincere. He doesn’t try to pretend to be someone he is not. A lot of streamers just act in front of the camera. But this man doesn’t. That’s a secret of his fantastic success. Probably, you are already interested. If you like this streamer, search for Daskelelele videos. He streams about slots, too.

Jarttu84 FAQ

Is He a Real Person?

✔️ Yes, he is. Some people think that this is Jarttu84 fake. Indeed, there have been many unpleasant incidents. Some streamers turned out to be fake. They did view botting. But this is not the case. If you see his channel, you will ensure that he’s a real man. At every video, he shows his face.

Does He Win Every Time?

✔️ Of course, he does not. The point is that Jarttu84 Casino Streamer shares his winning videos generally. Many streamers do this. They don’t want others to see their failures. It’s a kind of stage image. What if the followers see his losses too often? They will decide that he’s not a professional.

What’s About Fake Money?

✔️ There are a lot of discussions about it. But in fact, he doesn’t use it. He is known for the big bets. Many believe that it is very suspicious. But it is better not to accuse people of something without proof. If you search a bit, you will find the reviews from those who know him in real life.

How Can He Play Every Day?

✔️ The first reason is this is the source of Jarttu84 income. That is why he plays so often. Another reason that he gets profits from the invited players. Besides, the majority of streamers work on casinos. They get a part of the profits from there as well.

Does He Play Other Games?

✔️ At first glance, it seems that this streamer plays slots only. So, you might have got the wrong impression. But you have to visit his website to ensure otherwise. There is a lot of information about poker, live casino, sports bets. We believe that he just enjoys playing slots most of all.

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