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Let us start with the concept of streaming. Streaming in online games is a broadcast of the gameplay that takes place in real-time. The players who record videos are affiliates. They profit from the customers they attract to the game. Thus, competition among streamers is growing and getting tougher. And broadcasts are still in high demand.

Moreover, there is a list of countries where virtual gambling is prohibited. So, streamers got some obstacles on their path to a successful career. We are going to talk about the streamer called Xposed. He established his channel for sharing the gambling experience and just for entertainment. Posting recordings of his games, he became popular in several social networks at once.

Short Preview

No one would have thought that gambling would evolve and take over the World Wide Web. Why waste time on the road to come to the casino and spin the iron slot machines? Just turn on your laptop or smartphone and start using the slots while sitting on the couch. This is done by advanced casino streamers. They have long felt the benefits of this type of online entertainment.

But there is also another side. Often punters are a gambling establishment advertising tool. This is how casinos attract customers. The channel owner makes a profit by placing referral links. Such kind of cooperation can be a benefit for both parties. Although it is not uncommon for such gamblers to lower their bets more than they receive from the casino.

Benefits of streaming


What is the use of streaming in an online casino? We can talk about this using the example of honest players who make real bets and play only licensed slots. They give advice and share strategies, educate newbies about addiction, and reveal secrets. Look at the Daskelelele, for example. He is popular because he gives some useful information. And it is interesting to follow his gaming process.

Watching videos of experienced gamblers, you notice the features of specific video slots. You will see the frequency of bonus games, and learn the secrets of slot machines. You do not have to spend your funds.

But it happens that in the pursuit of money, streamers forget about the main principles. They artificially praise gambling establishments. For this reason, you should take your channel selection seriously. In our review, we describe the story of one successful streamer. Do not lose your chance and join his cool videos. It is amazing streaming!

Xposed on the way to a successful career

The streamer Cody is a young guy, who lives in Ontario, Canada. He is 24 years old. He has been streaming for about 6 years. He plays different games, mostly online casino. Cody has a wife Shania and a son Linkin. Cody established the Xposed YouTube channel. Now there are almost 32 thousand followers. He streams different tricks while playing. Cody takes part in competitions. He tries his best to win. He created the Xposed Instagram account. He posted his everyday videos with his playing. He also broadcasts live every evening.

Services with streaming

He is very active not only in broadcast but also in other social networks. It would also be interesting to read the Xposed Twitter. There are 33 thousand readers. Competitive and exciting play attracts players and ordinary spectators.

There are two main hosts with streaming channels – YouTube and Twitch. But often some streamers are banned. They create different profiles and recruit subscribers. Although the YouTube policy prohibits casino ads. Channel owners manage to maneuver between ever-tightening video hosting rules.

Twitch’s policy has been more loyal for a long time. So many online casino streamers have moved to this service. But gaining a large audience is difficult here. Since Twitch is designed for ordinary gamers and many viewers there are underage. They can also get banned for advertising casinos. Although the likelihood is lower than on YouTube.

Xposed Twitch has almost 300 000 followers. Every day he conducts exciting broadcasts, shares his experience. Xposed live broadcast attracted many casino fans and gamers.

Videos with streams are posted by experienced gamblers who understand all the process. They actively comment on the schedule, reveal strategies, and answer questions in chats. Cody launches live broadcasts with the game. Always showing the face – emotions are important in gambling. Xposed avoids fake, he is always in touch and opens for his followers.

Thus, play and hobby have gradually become a modern profession. Cody really devotes a lot of his time to streaming, does his best, and gives himself completely to the game. He also manages to make good money on this, provide for his family. Thanks to streaming, he has the opportunity to have a good rest, travel, and enjoy his life.

Great Xposed popularity: what is the reason?

His main slogan ‒ keep your head up and keep pushing forward. Cody puts a lot of effort into developing his channels and social networks. He bought a summer home and now he has everything he has ever wanted in life. Cody continues to use his platform to do great things. Xposed has great support and true followers who inspire him to get online every day. The Xposed stream is cool and attractive for many gambling people. `

The Xposed Streamer is characterized by emotional play. He always expresses himself harshly and unrestrainedly. But he gained his popularity thanks to the high stakes game.

He also suggests codes and bonuses in different games. For instance, you can use code “Xposed” for 5% off for Scuff gaming products.

Who becomes a streamer? Ordinary people who are tired of living gray everyday life. They decided to change their lives by devoting themselves to passion. The desperate risk and positive emotions. By broadcasting bloggers clearly show viewers how easy to start earning big sums:

  • explain how to play for beginners;
  • give information on rates;
  • the kinds of win-win tactics in the casino world.

The Xposed Casino Streamer has all the necessary characteristics for making cool videos.

Let’s consider the main qualities of streamers:

  1. Experience.

It is important for every gambling blogger. If it is absent, then it is impossible to create live broadcasts with constant winnings.

  1. Charisma.

No one will listen to a boring and dull dialogue. It is necessary to have positive energy. The ability to explain the nuances of online casinos to viewers is also important. DeuceAce, for instance, is a very charismatic streamer. Look at some broadcasts with Jarttu84, who is also emotional.

  1. Restraint.

A person is influenced by emotions. But they are both good and bad. For example, when a streamer, winning a big bonus, begins to raise rates to get even more. The risk is not always justified, and ridiculous actions lead to disappointment.

Cody promotes a fair and transparent game. Xposed fake money will not gain many followers. It also will not increase popularity. These traits are good in making money for advanced streamers. For excitement, it is enough to have a predisposition.

You should never give in to despondency if, instead of winning, a person loses. Even experienced video bloggers lose millions in one broadcast. But do not despair, because such is fortune, it does not always dance with the player to the same music. Streamers tell that the main thing is restraint and not to give in to emotions. The composure and miscalculation of winning bets is the path to success for a streamer. Remember that bloggers risk their own money when they show tactics on slot machines.

The Xposed’s biggest wins in online slots

Let’s consider some emotional videos with huge prizes.

1231X on Sweet Bonanza

Sweet bonanza was created by the Pragmatic Play Game. There are 6 reels on 5 lively rows. The slots are very colorful, presented by fruits and lollipops. The total bet was $ 7. Cody purchased 10 free spins. So, the cost was $ 700. The total win ‒ $8,623,65.

3236X on Book of Shadows

Cody is playing the Book of Shadows. It is an online slot by Nolimit City. The slots presented are in the horror theme. It is a 5-reel game. The number of rows depends on the player’s wish. Here the streamer picked 5. He chose the symbol “Cat” and the cat was lucky enough. The first big win was $722 (4 cats were drawn), then there was $131.20 (3 cats) and finally 5 cats ‒ $12,000. The total win was $12.945.

3764X on Gorilla Gold Megaways

Gorilla Gold Megaways was incredibly lucky. This game is very exciting. The casino slots made by Blueprint Gaming. It consists of 4 sets of reels. The bet was $5 per slot and 15 super spins. The total win was colossal ‒ $18,822,50.

It’s an amazing live game. You will never catch such exciting and emotional feelings.

Conclusion: why it is so attractive?

Recently the online broadcasting industry has been developing with giant strides. What started with vlogging and game recording area is now being used in different fields. They also found active use in poker, roulette, slots.

It would seem, why would anyone watch someone else spin slots? But these streams have found the real spectators. Great audience waste valuable time watching others’ games online. The matter is that the atmosphere of excitement is very attractive. Big money is here. People are engaged in live chats with streamers.

Most players record broadcasts to advertise the poker rooms. They also want to discipline their game. Meanwhile, casino streamers are primarily interested in money. Not those that fall out to them on slots, but in those that they receive additionally.

Let’s compare the benefits of recording a game in an online casino and poker. The amounts will differ enormously because a lot more money is spinning in the casino. Everyone who is even connected with the online gambling industry knows about this.


We would like to consider the most popular questions that were asked about streaming.

What is the largest bet you can bet on?

✔️ It depends on the slot you are betting on. Usually, the largest bet is closely relative to the number of reels the slot has. A $1 slot machine with three reels will likely have a maximum bet of only $3 at a time. With larger slots generally allowing larger bets. All online slots should say how much is the maximum you are allowed to bet for each reel. So, it is always worth checking at the source.

How can I bet on a slot?

✔️ Firstly, enter the credit, you wish to play with. Secondly, choose the amount of credit. Finally, spin the reels. The result will be based on the images in the reels. Study carefully the casino table results.

Why so many people become addicted to online slots?

✔️ First of all, they are very simple. Besides, the developers try to make more and more new special effects to attract players. They show you outcomes that are close to bigger wins. It is a good motivation to play it again.

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