Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses are one of the most pleasant parts of gambling with Internet casino houses. An impressive number of game operators are happy to provide you with special offers for no-deposits, signing up, reloading, and loyalty to the game. There are a plenty of exclusive and free spin giveaways too. However, it is players’ responsibility to carefully check conditions of these bonus awards as they vary greatly.

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What Do Bonuses Mean?

Those are special awards that Internet casino houses give to newly joined users for creating a profile. It guarantees a risk free and fair game for them. Back in time these extra advantages used to be plenty because the industry was at the embryonic stage and tried hard to attract more users.

The bonus strategy is based on the idea that once a new user deposits a certain amount, she or he will receive the same or even bigger sum. Although the strategy did not change that much, terms and conditions did as long as gamblers started withdrawing money they won without continuing with the site.

Industry growth has resulted in increased numbers of gamblers and, of course, gambling operators online. This expansion was the reason why users began misusing casino bonuses awarded to them rambling from one website to another to collect more profit from each. Eventually, casino houses could not stay financially viable until new bonus rules were developed that included a wagering rule.

Now it is compulsory for all visitors to wager a specific number of bids before getting an option of withdrawing money earned using the bonus system. The following example will make the system clear for you: if a gamer puts fifty dollars into the account and gets another fifty dollars as a bonus, and a wagering rule requires at least ten times the total of user’s deposit and bonus awards, then bets should be equal to thousand dollars to let a player withdraw earnings.

Various Casino Bonuses

There are two main cohorts of bonuses that every casino lover should be aware of – no deposit and deposit ones. Each cohort has its enormous list of subtypes, that is why players must make it a rule to check out casino house’s contractual requirements for bonuses first. Usually, bonus rules that apply are placed not in the text of the general T&C but in a special section dedicated to extra awards.

Deposit Bonuses

The most widespread cohort of bonuses offered by gambling operators. Its amount is calculated on the basis of percentage match on the initial sum gamers made. Usually percentages range from fifty to three-hundred, however, most casinos on the Internet set the average of 100%. This category is marked by different features because providers prefer to introduce their own rules. Below you will find a description of the most common types you may encounter on casino websites.

Sign-up Awards

It is very popular with casino operators to give new users casino bonuses from ten to five-hundred percent for simply creating an account. This welcome award can take any form and may be mentioned on the website as a ‘welcome’ or ‘new player’ bonus. It is also based on a percentage match so if a player placed a sum of twenty dollars on the account and the sign-up award amounts to 50%, then just ten dollars will come to new user’s account. Conversely, if this bonus is higher and is equal to 200%, then user may receive extra twenty dollars.

Match Awards

As the term suggests, the second kind of bonuses matches sums which gamblers put with the percentage of the full amount. For instance, if the website gives a match bonus amounting to one-hundred per cent and not more than two-hundred dollars, then users may even receive the same percentage on whatever deposit they have made, i.e. not more than two-hundred dollars. Naturally, only recently joined players can benefit from match awards once they deposit their initial sum. However, some gambling providers do award those bonuses to users who returned to their website because this type offers gratis funds and generally tests players’ loyalty. In a nutshell, match awards are given out to gamblers only after they have invested something in the casino activity.

Reload Awards

This award totally depends on reloading – the process the user may initiate on his or her account. If a gamer deposits some money, he or she may receive a reload award, or a bonus for adding new funds to a profile continuously. These sorts of reward are given on an ongoing basis, and by lodging money regularly gamers are encouraged to ask for a defined percentage of their first sum to be deposited and given back as an extra credit. It is pretty common that reload bonuses are combined with free spin awards that become visible once users reload their account credits. Finally, many operators link some payment methods to reload awards, too.

Repeated Deposit Awards

There is hardly something more valuable to gaming houses than having regular clients. This is why they keep on introducing casino bonuses for encouraging their gamers to become frequent visitors. Repeated deposit awards are exactly of this kind. Newly registered users usually receive a welcome award and few match bonuses on their first deposit. But to make people keep on playing there is some other type – an award for the second deposit which has multiple variations: from free-spin and extra match ones to giving away money. Finally, it should not be neglected that there are certain wagering rules, however, as the user’s award amount relies on the sum invested and clients must enter their complete details during a registration.

Third Deposit Awards

To receive such extra advantages, visitors are to lodge their money three times consecutively using a completely registered profile. Its principle seems to be somewhat similar to the second deposit awards’ idea but the difference lies in enhanced attractiveness of third deposit bonuses: since this is the third time when a gamer decides to invest more money, she or he needs equally higher credits to be rewarded. However, just like with previous deposit awards, one must not forget to read the text explaining conditions of awarding this bonus.

High-roller Awards

Participants who gamble large sums of money are rewarded with equally large casino bonuses which are known as ‘high-roller’ points, or awards. These bonuses are aimed at keen gamers who tend to place higher bids and put huge sums of money into their accounts. So, this award employs ‘the higher the better’ principle which means that larger sums invested will result in bigger high roller awards.

Cashbacks & Refunds

Avid gamblers are also in position to have generous bonus cashbacks, real-money refunds. Cashbacks are normally calculated taking into account pure losses that gamers bear as percentage points. If users run out of money and cannot wager anything, they may accept a refund to be deposited as a bonus into their account. This is why this powerful method of attracting new participants is such a widespread strategy for online casinos.

No-deposit Awards

Another special credit type that operators love to give to its clients is a no-deposit bonus. Once the user has set up an account and added some money into it, the system shows a deposit requirement waiver. The amount should not exceed twenty-five dollars. These features became the reason why this type of bonuses is one of the easiest, yet it is not added automatically. In fact, many casino houses on the Web ask gamers to fill their form specially designed for this. Next, despite the easy access to such an award, its amount is quite modest so no-deposit bonuses should be classified as an introductory offer for novices.

Gratis Games

If users set up a profile, one more bonus type will be instantly revealed – a chance to try out gambling time eaters gratis. Here, the big plus is that potential casino gurus may not share any financial data with the website in advance. Free trials can be viewed as an extended version of no-deposit awards where the former is only distinguished by larger sums of money for participation. This may amount to one-thousand dollars and even more but it normally has limited redemption time, from half an hour to one hour, after which the bonus will not be available. It goes without saying that there are no pay outs for gratis games. All earnings are usually transferred to users’ accounts in a form of one-hundred per cent match which ardent gamblers may use for future attempts.

Free-spin Awards

Another no-deposit and risk-off opportunity for slot game aficionados to get familiar with the universe of Internet games and earn real money. These awards are given when the client has registered on the website. In this case, too, initially free-spin casino bonuses will make part of users’ overall balance, and winners will not be given payout options for withdrawing their awards as cash. Let us remind you once again, all gamblers must carefully read the page dedicated to terms of rewards.

Our advice

Since you are planning to earn on-line, T&Cs on which you are allowed to wager your earnings are a total must. The second significant factor is the allowed game list. Next, never forget to examine important, officially recognized information placed on a casino house’s website and check whether you are eligible to use and claim extra credits and awards. Next, find out the methods of adding bonuses to your profile’s account and any legal restrictions for gamers from your region. Finally, before starting gambling, it is worth clarifying the maximum amount of money that you may cash out using bonus earnings.

How to get your bonuses: During the process of claiming any extra credits, awards, or bonuses, all players should check the way the casino houses credit it because not all bonuses are given automatically. There are gambling operators who force a special rule according to which registered users may claim their bonuses after having deposited an initial sum of money and submitted a request via the relevant page. Some of them require all inquiries to be made through electronic mailing. Others do send awards shortly after the sign-up letter noting that, and it is very important, the claim should be raised not later than within two or three days after signing up. In any case we highly recommend you to read and understand T&C and FAQ pages carefully.

One way or another, bonus system turns out be very beneficial for casino guru players across the globe as they get an unrestricted access to make deposits, claim various casino bonuses, and turn their earnings into cash. Those who lost will face some limitations but still will be able to claim some awards. Attention: awards which were automatically credited to you become subject to wagering limits due to which outcomes of your gambling may be affected.

Who is Eligible: Pay close attention to each line of the T&C on which bonuses are given by Internet gambling providers because they include a web of varying limitations, imposed on citizens of some states. Typically, Danish, Israeli, and Polish residents suffer from such restrictions as well as people in the Eastern countries. It is frequent that citizens of locations facing restrictions do not lose access to a casinos’ bonus system but instead, extra rules confirming higher amounts allowed to wager are introduced because most users from these locations abuse bonus offers.

Wagering rules: As time went on, only a few gambling operators with generous offers left. A majority of them on the Internet set wagering rules according to which players must wager not less than fifteen times the total deposit/bonus amount to get a cash-out option. Those rules coupled with general gambling limitations compromise winning odds of potential casino gurus. This is why, once again, we really encourage you to examine T&C thoroughly.

Maximum payout: This rule is normally picked up by a limited number of casino houses that had an RTG certified. According to it, the maximum amount that can be paid and was earned via registration casino bonuses must be at least ten times the total sum of casino awards. Reputable gambling operators make the maximum cashable amount very clear. A conclusion can be made that just like with any promo campaign, before seeking money and dreaming about millions, it would be better to check out, understand and accept the rules to avoid disappointment or misunderstanding in future!

Other limits: A myriad of other limitations apply when combined with a bonus system. Each game with around half-and-half bets, i.e. roulettes, blackjacks, will fall under wagering restrictions. The same will be true for craps and sic bo. Moreover, well-reputed gaming providers highlight that pokers in a video mode are also excluded or, at least, have much higher wagering rules because earnings from them are predictably high which users typically utilize meddling with bonuses. A number of bonuses may have a special note like ‘slots only’ which means that those awards are to be wagered only in games of this genre (normally up to ninety five per cent of return).

Casino Bonuses Final tips

Based on tips above, it should be once again repeated that finding, reading, and following T&C set by this or that gambling provider plays a significant role in getting a positive gaming experience. According to statistics, at least half of players’ complaints deal with extra points and awards, and most exchanges of emails end with gamers realizing that they hardly ever read or examined T&C properly. So our final recommendation to you would be to keep in mind that there is no such thing in the casino universe as ‘gratis’ or ‘free’.

To win using a no-deposit or free-spin award may result in getting your earnings limited so it is not a source of money you should rely upon.

Welcome and sign-up awards cannot normally be utilized in games of different genres. From our experience, they have draconic restrictions on wagering, for instance, allowing not more than five dollars per spin.

As for reload awards, they have less stringent rules as long as users who reload accounts regularly are treated as frequenters, and as such, they may derive more benefits from casino bonuses rather than from sign-up credits.

So, the most substantial aspect here is that no casino house obliges its client to participate in an award-giving program. You may forget about those awards and simply take pleasure in gambling. Nevertheless, players who understood all plus points of awards are able to make more money out of their earnings. So, more power to your elbow!