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Chocolates (Big Time Gaming) Slot Game

Chocolates is a recently released online casino slot created by Big Time Gaming. They have been working since 2011. At this point, Chocolates is a “classic” title from BTG, that is welcomed by many players.

Where to Play the Chocolates Slot
5.0 rating

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Nick Berger is a gambler and expert author and editor of texts about online casino. He works in this indusry for more than 5 years, so you can trust his opinion.

Briefly about Chocolates

The game itself is known for its high volatility gameplay. Yet it maintains an extremely rewarding concept for cautious players. Surely, Chocolates is about what we expected from these developers. After few questionable titles from them, it is refreshing to see something like this. Chocolates seem a near-perfect alternative for all new things they wanted to try. Hopefully, it will impact the online casino industry the same as previous games did. Even though at first it looked like Chocolates did not offer something innovative.

All users that appreciated and constantly used preceding slots are gonna enjoy it. Good old former games but in a new superior package is what we needed. Do not make the mistake of misunderstanding the slot. It may seem simple game for casual players, but actually, it can give out some serious numbers. Remember to treat it as a highly volatile game.

The gameplay could seem confusing at first, but it is pretty simple once you get used to it. Chocolate boxes are the main thing you pay attention to. Why? Because they increase a multiplier for each same symbol rolled. And that is how you get to a stunningly high number of 65,536x your bet.

Chocolates slot game

BTG development record says they love bringing innovation to the casino gaming world. Same as Pirate Megaways pleasantly surprised most with its fresh new features. Chocolates nearly repeated the success. But as much as everyone is enjoying brand new slots to play, there is a limit to this. BTG very clearly is trying to repeat the Megaways story. But none of the titles came quite close to the Mega triumph. Of course, it does not mean Chocolates is just another failed attempt. It is very much the opposite. In fact, BTG is just trying to enforce the features from the previous game that everyone liked. So, with them searching for something everyone liked before, they hit the spot this time. Play Chocolates freeversion to warm up before entering your unforgettable experience.

Here is a simpler way of displaying key qualities of the game:

  • Genre – Online Casino Video Slots;
  • Creator – Big Time Gaming;
  • Reels – 4 on 4;
  • Highest win possible ‒ 65,536x initial bet;
  • Min/max bet per spin – 0.10$/25$;
  • Officially released – 28.10.2020;
  • Other features – Wilds, Scatters, a Bonus game with free spins;
  • Return to Player rate – 96.6%;
  • Volatility – high.

Volatility & RTP

The general scheme of the slot intends it to be highly volatile. High volatility means that wins have much more value but are less frequent. To specify, the player might not win any rounds in a certain amount of time, which presents a high risk. It does not mean the Chocolates slot is the most dangerous game to play. Just that it is not comparable to more newcomer-friendly slots. And even though you stand to lose sometimes, the Chocolates slot RTP is above average (96.6%). RTP means which percentage of the sum that a slot machine pays out. Meaning 96.6% RTP equals $96.6 being paid to the player upon a winning wager. High volatility indicates that the slot is intended for a player with a bigger budget. For someone who is ready to take a risk for a bigger win, and not make any winnings for a long time.


The gameplay is the most important part of the online gambling platform. Thus, it needs to be interesting and engaging. BTG is actually known for its simple yet efficient features. They look just like a very generic set of features every slot game has. But once you start understanding the purpose and go beyond the small numbers, whole different experience.

The concept is set around finding chocolate boxes on reels. They could roll on any reel and after opening, they reveal from one to four premium symbols. If there is more than one box found it will always contain the same symbol, increasing win ways. Winnings you can get vary from ten to a thousand coins. It depends on the number of matching characters opened. Coin winnings on non-premium characters vary from two to a hundred coins.

Non-premium or low-paying symbols are from 9 to A (i.e., 9, 10, 11, Jack, Queen, King, Ace). Premium symbols are shown in colors of purple, green, red, and blue. Also, there is wild, golden wild, and scatter symbols. Purple color is the most rewarding granting multiplier of 1 for 4 across the reel. Default wild and a golden version of wild are a sum of every symbol except scatters and the boxes. Also, they are limited to the second and fourth reels. Golden wild grants a 6x bonus on top of that. Like all the other slots, you need to place a bet to play, use bottom text boxes to enter the amount. The least you can bet on a single line is 0.10 coins, most are 25 coins. It is also an option to try out the slot in the Chocolates free playversion (or “demo”).

From the first glance, it seems that Chocolates is not very rewarding, and why even play Chocolates. But the main source of winnings is the boosts you gain from the bonus system. The game slot contains wild symbols, two of them in fact. Default wild takes up on all the standard symbols. And the golden version of wild, giving a 6x payout boost.

If it sounds way too complicated, feel free to try Chocolates free slot version (or demo version).


Once again, BTG found a way to create the impressive design of an online casino game. Chocolates present a neat and intuitive UI that every user will appreciate and learn how to use in no time. Graphics appear to be cozier compared to Chocolates predecessor Pirate Kingdom Megaways. Fairly enough, you can suggest by the name of the slot it has something to do with chocolate. It is not the case this time, which is for the best, because the current background is lovely looking. The game layout has an aesthetic color scheme alongside Alpine-looking thematic. Symbols are styled in forms of different candies and sweetness. The reels are presented as wooden, cabin-looking building style. Just to sum it up, if you liked previous creations of Big Time Gaming, be sure you will enjoy this one.


Music is crucially important to create a real casino resembling atmosphere. Music accompaniment sounds very authentic and easy on the ears, just enough to enjoy it. Ambient noises like birds chirping add to the immersion, it is a detail you see rarely in gambling slots. Also, luckily for users that intend to live stream their gameplay, it is copyright-free!

Bonus Game (Free Spins)

Chocolates Slot Free Spins

Bonus activates by three or four scatters appearing in reels, granting seven to ten spins. As soon as you begin free spins one of the scatter symbols is replaced with a box. All the boxes that appeared remain in the reels until the end of the free spins. In case one of the reels is filled with boxes, you receive extra three spins. So, in theory, you could fill all the reels with sixteen boxes and reach 65,536 winning ways. How significant it sometimes might perform is demonstrated by the streamer situation below.

Other Features

Besides the brilliant base game, Chocolates has in store few more interesting additions. Those include Wilds and golden Wilds, which are triggered by certain characters in one of the 5 lines. Wilds sums up all your previously collected symbols. The Golden version of such occurrences also provides you with a 6x multiplier. Thus, three Wilds potentially offer you an insane 216x multiplier.

Chocolate boxes are another feature you need to be aware of. Basically, those are randomly landing on the lines and adding few more symbols. And more symbols mean more money from already mentioned wilds. You can collect those in a greatest of 2401 ways in case you manage to fill reels with boxes.

Biggest Win at Chocolates Slot

Famous live streamer Daskelelele won the biggest amount using Chocolates slot so far. Amount reaches close to €20.000 (from starting €350) in one run of free spins. As unreal as it seems, over a thousand people have seen it happening live. This example right here shows how “deadly” might chocolates free bonus actually be.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Chocolates is a widely played online casino slot. And positions itself confidently and has a lot of advantages:

  • Wild characters;
  • Scatter characters;
  • Free spins;
  • Bonus system;
  • Autoplay;
  • Vast payouts;
  • Attractive design and sound accompaniment;
  • Is a creation of well-respected and talented developers;

Proved itself to be an efficient casino slot by various content creators.

  • But certain gaps for improvements cannot be ignored:
  • The somewhat misleading name of the slot (design-wise);
  • Volatile gameplay;
  • Gameplay very alike to its predecessor;
  • May seem to not have enough opportunities to win big (excluding bonus system!).


To conclude the Chocolates slot review, it is both fitting for the veterans and newcomers. Presented with a killer soundtrack and peaceful design choice, you are in for a great time. A variety of activities such as the Bonus game consisted of scatters that just keep on giving. Or base game featuring many ways to boost your winnings (e.g., wilds), if you prefer.

Those are facts, that this game is very risky. Although, just for people who tend not to think ahead or someone unfamiliar with the concept. The slot is aimed at somewhat experienced users with a solid budget for wagers. It has its particular qualities not everyone is willing to accept. Yet there is no such thing as a perfect game, and Chocolates is the closest we got. All in all, as long as you keep yourself cool-headed while playing, chocolates might just be the most efficient. Think about playing Chocolates demo before jumping right in. Consider it, have fun and good luck!


Is this game suitable for everyone?

✔️ In a way it is, but more careful and attentive players will end up with more cash.

Why should I play this slot?

✔️ Because it is fun and well-designed. Also accompanied by an addictive soundtrack and rewarding with the right approach.

Which online casinos have Chocolates in their library?

✔️ Most of them do since this slot is known pretty well amongst the players.

What makes it so rewarding?

✔️ A bonus game that allows players to keep on getting free spins and to reach very high multipliers (max of 65,536x).

Any advice for someone who never played this slot?

✔️ Take your time and work out a strategy. There is never a 100% guarantee for a win in gambling, but planning pays off.

Is this game region-locked?

✔️ Not specifically, go through your online casino’s Terms to know more.

Is Chocolates available on mobile devices?

✔️ Yes, it is, you can enjoy the game on any device you prefer.

What is the RTP of this game?

✔️ 96.6% of the players receive payment in cash.

What is the largest you can win?

✔️ The highest gamble wins possible in a multiplier of 65,536x for your wager. But the biggest number reached was 1296 ways (about 20,000 USD).

How exactly does the Bonus game work?

✔️ Bonus activates by gathering a certain combination of scatter symbols, granting free spins. While using the spins, you have an opportunity to gain more of them.

How much can I wager?

✔️ The wager amount varies from $0.10 to $20 per spin.

Is it possible to increase your winnings by not using the Bonus game?

✔️ Of course, it is, base game presents many opportunities, just watch out for the choco boxes. These boxes play a key role in reaching bigger wins. Also do not forget about wilds and golden wilds.

Is the music safe to live stream or record?

✔️ Gameplay music is copyright-free and safe to live stream or record.

What exactly does high volatility mean?

✔️ It means a higher reward for a win but occurred much less frequently. Thus, you can win only once in a certain amount of time but win a lot.

Can I try it out for free before depositing?

✔️ Chocolates demo play is available at any times.

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